• Abstraction: The Rule Of Three – Derick Bailey discusses the concept of the Rule of Three, looking at how it provides the happy point between the DRY and YAGNI principles, exploring its origins in mathematics and looking at how to apply it to code.
  • Design patterns in the test of time: Singleton – Ayende continues his series looking at the original Gang of Four patterns, exploring the Singleton pattern, discussing how it is commonly implemented, and its common uses.
  • Ever wanted to know what Windows Azure is? – Rob Margel highlights a nice Windows Azure poster illustrating some of the key concepts and components in the Windows Azure platform.
  • UX: Color is only meaningful if it’s different – Ryan Rauh discusses the important role that colour provides in User Interfaces, discussing its role in user experience, illustrating with examples.
  • Specification by example and Model based testing – Marcus Hammarberg introduces the concepts of Specification By Example, and Model Based Testing and looks at the similarities and differences between these two approaches.


  • Windows Azure Conf – Microsoft announced yesterday that they will be hosting a free virtual community conference for all things Windows Azure on Wednesday 14th November. The event will feature the best of the community, along with some familiar faces from the team at Microsoft. Registration is recommended to ensure that you get the full details when announced.