DDD North 2 took place last weekend, and brought together a great bunch of speakers and attendees for a fantastic event up in Bradford. Many many thanks to all those who attended, the sponsors, and especially the organisers for making the day (and surrounding days) excellent fun.

A great number of people posted slides, reviews, photos and code online as a result of the event, and I’ve tried to collect together those that I’ve seen via RSS and Twitter. It’s almost certain that I’ve missed an number of posts out, so feel free to chuck links to anything I’ve missed in the comments (and I’ll approve them as they come in).

Speakers / Sessions

Reviews of the day

Future Events

  • DunDDD – Dundee on Saturday 17th November – Registration and session submission open now
  • DDD Brisbane – DDD is an international affair, with the next overseas event taking place in Brisbane on the 1st December. Session submission is open until 4th November