• Important: Security Advisory 2749655 affects WCF DS – The WCF Data Services Team draws attention to a recent Security Advisory from Microsoft which affects the WCF Data Services 5.0.1 and earlier with regards to the generation of certificates by Microsoft. This is not a security Vulnerability, but is something which may cause problems, so its well worth getting the latest installer for WCF Data Services which addresses this issue.
  • Updating Windows 8 for General Availability – Steven Sinofsky discusses the final push to the General Availability of Windows 8, and the issuing of a General Availability Cumulative Update which brings all the post RTM fixes for Windows 8 and Windows Server 2012 together into one update
  • Now we know the dates for shipping Windows Phone 8 (was that so hard?) | – Kip Kniskern discusses the likely release date for the first Windows Phone 8, with At&T looking like offering pre-orders on 21st October with the Launch Event taking place on the 29th October.


  • Improving Your App’s Performance with PerfView – Brandon Bray highlights PerfView, a tool from within the .NET Team at Microsoft which allows you to investigate application performance in .NET applications. In this post Brandon highlights a video introduction from Vance Morrison, the creator of PerfView, and takes a look at some fo the useful features of this tool.
  • Help your users record and report bugs with the Problem Steps Recorder – Scott Hanselman also explores an useful tool, taking a look at the Problem Step Recorder, probably one of the easiest ways to capture the steps to reproduce issues in Windows based applications
  • Why I’m so excited about Web Platform Docs – Paul Irish discusses his excitement about the Web Platform Documentation, the newly launched central repository for all things web development, across all platforms and coordinated by the W3C. Having seen a tweet yesterday highlighting some of the sites first day numbers, Paul isn’t the only one excited at this great resource.
  • Telerik’s evolving platform guidance for .NET developers
    – Chris Sells updates a post issued last year discussing the best platform choices for the various different types of application, highlighting the benefits each of the choices gives in that area.
  • IIS 8 What’s new – Application pool settings – Shinva takes a brief look at some of the new facilities provided for controlling and working with Application Pools in IIS 8, highlighting startup mode, new CPU Limiting options, logging and processor affinity settings
  • When is my View too smart? – Kyle Burns discusses the importance of keeping your views simple in MVC MVVM and MVP implementations, looking at how you can identify logic in views which should be pushed to other parts of the application.
  • HTML5 Off Line: Storing and retrieving Videos with IndexedDB – Joe Stagner discusses the importance of the HTML5 Offline experience features, taking a look at AppCache, HTML5 Local storage and Index DB before exploring an example