• Roslyn September 2012 CTP is now available – Eric Lippert announces the third preview release of Roslyn, the .NET Compiler as a service for C# and VB.NET. This release brings support for most of the languages features, with the only notable omissions being dynamic and await
  • Announcing: Great Improvements to Windows Azure Web Sites – Scott Guthrie announces the latest refresh to the Windows Azure Websites functionality, introducing a new shared hosting level in between the Free and Reserved instance options, along with support for custom domains, and an improved continuous deployment story for Git and TFS users.
  • jQuery Mobile 1.2.0 Release Candidate 1 Released – The jQuery Mobile team announce the release of Release Candidate 1 of jQuery Mobile 1.2.0. This release addresses the reported bugs and issues in the beta releases, and stabilizes the code ready for the RTM release.
  • EF Nightly Builds Available – Following their move to an open source development model, the Entity Framework Team announce the availability of nightly builds of Entity Framework available now from the CodePlex project page.


  • ASP.NET MVC 4 Mobile Caching Bug Fixed – Rick Anderson highlights the fix for issues with caching of mobile views in RC and RTM releases of ASP.NET MVC4 involving switching to an updated Razor or WebForms view engine implementation.
  • NuGet Perf, The Final Part – Load Testing – Setup, The Tests, Results , Results ^ 2 & Source Code – Ayende rounds out his series looking at how switching to a RavenDB NoSQL backend could add performance to the backend of the NuGet Package Manager with a look at loac / performance testing the new implementation, discussing the methodology, tooling and tests
  • Debug = True – Benjamin Perkins discusses the performance impact of debug=true, highlighting some articles on the subject, along with looking at detecting debug=true in memory dumps using WinDbg


  • DeveloperFusion Needs A New Editor – Dan Maharry announces that he will be stepping down as a DeveloperFusion Editor, and highlights the opportunity for someone new to get involved with the great DeveloperFusion community.