Lots (by my standards) of discussion in the comments yesterday about opening links in a new window – I’m not going to do that by default, but will add a site preference which will allow you to choose how links are opened to the site this evening…hope that helps



  • Forking in async methods – Stephen Toub discusses the flow of code whenc alling methods asynchronously using async / await in C#5, discussing how depending on the work to be performed the framework will either run the method async or synchronously, and looks at some ways of controlling this behaviour
  • The Complete Beginners Guide to Hello World using C# .Net and Mono on Raspberry Pi – Jason Roberts takes a steo by step look at writing and running C#/.NET code on the Raspberry Pi, walking through all the set up (from plugging the device together), to a working hello world example.
  • On Professional Code – Ayende discusses what he means by the term ‘Professional Code’ giving a definition which is less about practices and principles and more about the suportability and understandability of code.
  • jQuery Licensing Changes – The jQuery Team discuss some recent changes to the licenses applied to various part of the jQuery library (and supporting libraries, including the removal of the GPL, giving preference to the MIT License.


  • Visual Studio 2012 Launch Event 12th Sept – Lee Stott highlights today’s Visual Studio 2012 launch event which features Jason Zander preseting the keynote (streamed live), and Lee also highlights the UK Visual Studio 2012 Launch RoadShow, visiting 4 cities across the UK