• Announcing Web Matrix 2 – Jonathan Guerin highlights the release of WebMatrix 2.0, the latest version of this lightweight IDE for building websites. In his post Jonathan takes us through using WebMatrix to build a PHP based application and publish it on Azure.
  • Web Essentials 1.1 released – Mads Kristensen announces the release of version 1.1 his Web Essentials Visual Studio Extension. This release adds a number of much requested features to this extension which extends and improves the Visual Studio support for client side web development.
  • Chutzpah 2.1 now with CoffeeScript support – Matthew Manela announces the release of version 2.1 of his Chutzpah JavaScript test runner, which now nativly supports CoffeeScript tests
  • dotCover 2.1 Release Candidate – JetBrains announce the Release Candidate release of dotCover 2.1, and reminds those trying it out that the team are still very interested in heading feedback about any issues or bugs you may encounter.
  • Call .Net WebAPIs using matching JavaScript functions – JSRPC.Net – Coder255 shares a neat implementation of the RPC pattern for JavaScript based web applications, making it easy and seamless to call server side methods constructed in ASP.NET Web API using the library JSRPC.Net introduced as part of this post.



  • 24 Hours of PASS coming up soon! – Rob Farley highlights the upcoming 24 hours of PASS taking place over the 20th and 21st September where there will be 24 hours of good quality SQL Server content available online.
  • RavenDB & RPG With Me: Recording – Ayende shares the recording of the recent RavenDB webcast looking at the role RavenDB played in the creation of the RPG With Me application.