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The Morning Brew #1176

Posted by on 28 Aug 2012 | Tagged as: .NET, COM Interop, Development, Morning Brew


  • C# Yellow Book 2012 Now Available – Rob Miles announces the 2012 edition of his C# Yellow Book, a free pdf download now in its 5th year of being updated. This edition contains updates and corrections, along with moving the GUI section onto XAML rather than WinForms.
  • #mvvmlight V4 update for Win8 RTM – Laurent Bugnion has updated his MVVM Light framework for the Windows 8 RTM release, including a few updates, and discusses upgrading your applications to the RTM release in this post.
  • FsCheck 0.8.3 and FsCheck.Xunit 0.3 – Kurt Schelfthout announces the latest versions of FsCheck and , adding support for running tests through NCrunch, and use of Assembly binding redirects to ensure that thte correct versions of assemblies are used.



The Morning Brew #1175

Posted by on 24 Aug 2012 | Tagged as: .NET, Development, Morning Brew

Monday is a public holiday here in England, and as Morning Brew tradition stipulates I will not be publishing an issue on Monday, and having a lie-in instead. The Morning Brew will return as usual on Tuesday. Have a good weekend everyone.


  • Announcing the Release of SignalR 0.5.3 – Brady Gaster and the SignalR team make the official announcement of version 0.5.3 of SignalR, highlighting new and improved cross domain connection support, client side hubs for improved javascript syntactix sugar, enhanced logging and much more.
  • node.js – Version 0.8.8 (stable) – The Node.js team announce their 0.8.8 stable release available on the usual array of platforms, and including updates of the V8 engine and npm, as well as a number fo platform specific fixes for each platform.
  • JavaScript improvements in ReSharper 7 – Hadi Hariri discusses the improved JavaScript features of ReSharper 7, discussing how the tooling help you write safer more correct code by providing some compiler / linting like behaviours
  • Microsoft and Design: The New Logo – Seth Eliot highlights the new Microsoft Logo, unveiled yesterday, also taking a look at some of the other Microsoft Product logos.


  • C#/.NET Little Wonders: Interlocked Read() and Exchange() – James Michael Hare kicks off our weekend with another post from his Little Wonders series looking at less known features of the .NET framework and C# language. In this post James takes a look at the Interlocked read and exchange methods to provide atomic operations on variables ensuring nothing tampers with the value while you obtain it.
  • An "is" operator puzzle, part one – Eric Lippert sets a puzzle for you this weekend involving the is operator evaluating true when you actually couldn’t perform a cast to the type.
  • Property Finder – a Cross-Platform HTML5 Mobile App – Colin Eberhardt shares a deep discussion on building cross platform (including platform like UI) applications for mobile devices using HTML5 and PhoneGap in this CodeProject article.
  • CQRS and user experience – Jimmy Bogard continues his series of posts discussing CQRS principles and practices with a look at how CQRS effects the Users experience, and discussing eventual consistency.
  • New Visual Studio 2012 Debugging Features for the Windows 8 App Lifecycle Model – Dmitri Leonov discusses how Windows8 applications present new situations which debuggers have to support, and takes a look at the features of the Visual Studio 2012 debugger which enable working in these situations.
  • OData 101: Building our first OData-based Windows Store app (Part 1) – & (Part 2) – The WCF Data Services team kick off a series of posts looking at consuming OData based data services from Windows 8 Store applications, working through an example based on the NetFlix data services.

The Morning Brew #1174

Posted by on 23 Aug 2012 | Tagged as: .NET, Development, Morning Brew

Update: Corrected description of link regarding Enterprise Library – Thanks to @anders_abel for letting me know via Twitter


  • Download: Windows Azure Training Kit – The August edition of the Windows Azure Training Key is now available fo download, with new content from the Windows Azure DevCamp Events, SQL Azure Federations, Reporting and Data Sync, more guidance on building scalable global and highly available web applications, and bugfixes to hands on labs.
  • MyGet Build Services – Join the private beta! – Maarten Balliauw sharse the news that MyGet are now taking applicants for their private beta allowing you to try out having your GitHub projects pulled out, built and published as a NuGet Package. Places on the beta are limited.
  • SignalR 0.5.3 – Last Night SignalR 0.5.3 was released to NuGet, with a vast array of fixes and improvements as detailed in these release notes, including Web Socket support for Self Hosted Services, Improved Errors, and case insensitivity for proxy and event names,
  • The best extensions for Visual Studio 2012 – Ugo Lattanzi shares a look at some of the best and must have Visual Studio 2012 extensions available now.


  • NuGet Gallery Performance Issues – Mads Kristensen gives an update on the recent performance issues with the NuGet service, with a deployment having taken place in the last few hours to address the issues (the deployment of which did result in a short outage this morning).
  • Enterprise Library vNext – Simplified – Grigori Melnik discusses the plans for the future of Enterprise Library Framework vNext, a cut down simplified version which will target just Windows8 / 2012 and .NET 4.5 and take advantage of the new features available in these platforms.
  • Busting some CQRS myths – Jimmy Bogard discusses 7 common myths surrounding the practice of CQRS which often lead people to go down the wrong route when implementing CQRS
  • Extra Information from OAuth/OpenId Provider – Pranav Rastogi discusses some of the additional information available to your applications via the OAuth/ OpenID provider for ASP.NET, made available via features in the OpenAuth protocol, and allowing your application to automatically know more about your users.
  • Build Single Page Apps – Part 7 – MVVM and KnockoutJS – John Papa continues his series looking at building single page applications. In this part John explore the use of KnockoutJS a client side MVVM framework.
  • 15 things we learned about interface design as developers – Milan Vrekic shares 15 important User Interface design concepts which you should always keep in mind when developing your applications.
  • Hooray! Here’s all 316 pages of the Windows 8 UX Guidelines in one cool PDF – Jerry Nixon highlights the 300+ page Windows 8 User Experience Guidelines document, telling you everything you need to know about creating a standardized User Experience for your Windows 8 Applications.
  • The Unofficial Windows 8 Developer FAQ – Scott Barnes shares an interesting look behind the scenes at some of the background to the Windows 8 Development experience, and the fall of Silverlight at Microsoft. Interesting reading.

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