• MEF and TPL Dataflow NuGet Packages for .NET Framework 4.5 – Immo Landwerth announces the release of the RTM versions of The Managed Extensibility Framework and Task Parallel Library DataFlow NuGet Packages, These components complement the .NET 4.5 RTM release.
  • Lucene.Net becomes top-level project at Apache – The H Open highlights the news that the Lucene.NET project has graduated from the Apache Incubator status, and is now a fully fledged top-level Apache Project.
  • Bootstrap 2.1.0 released – The Twitter Bootstrap team announce a new update to Twitter BootStrap, their HTML layouit framework. This release while being a point release contains a large number of improvements and features along with over 120 bugfixes.
  • NUnitLite for Silverlight – Charlie Poole discusses the latest progress on NUnitLite for Silverlight, a Silverlight based testing framework which allows the testing of Silverlight code from within Silverlight