• Introduction to MonoGame – John Somnez highlights the MonoGame project, an open source port of the XNA game development framework which allows .NET Developers to write XNA games to run across multiple platforms (Android, iOS, Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows Phone 7, MacOS, XBox 360, Linux and the new Playstation console)
  • ILMerge v2.12.x released – Greg Duncan highlights an updated release of ILMerge, the official tool for merging multiple .NET assemblies into a single assembly. No details of what is new yet, but the release is available on Microsoft Downloads.


  • Plans regarding Website projects and Web Deployment Projects – Sayed Ibrahim Hashimi discusses how now that VS2012 is ready to ship the teams are now moving on to their next release, the first VS2012 update release, and discusses whtat the Website Projects and Web Deployment features they are hoping to include will look like.
  • Task<T> vs IObservable<T>: when to use what? – Flavien Charlon takes a look at the similarities and differences between the use of Task<T> and the Reactive Extensions Observable<T> looking at the situations in which you would want to use each.
  • CQRS Journey is Worth the Trip – Jon Wagner calls attention of the Microsoft Patterns and Practices Team’s CQRS Journey, discussing the projects aims and some of the key lessons to be learnt from the project.
  • The consequence of a.NET Framework API design flaw – Patrick Smacchia discusses a design flaw in the .NET Framework regarding collection implementations and the requirement to implement an Add method even if they are read-only, highlighting the types of confusion it causes.
  • Followup on ORMs for Batch Performance – Eli Weinstock-Herman has been taking a look at the relative performance of various Object Relational Mapper tools in performing bulk insertion, and in this post shares some results and conclusions of this experiment in this post.
  • RabbitMQ – Implementing Scatter Gather in .net – Michael Stephenson takes a look at implementing the Scatter Gather pattern using RabbitMQ and .NET, looking at some of the performance scenarios and how the pattern responds, and how such events can be handled.
  • Making your JavaScript garbage friendly, as in high-performance, garbage-collector-friendly! – Greg Duncan highlights an interesting post by Martin Wells discussing how ou can optimise your JavaScript code to ensure that you get the best performance out of the JavaScript garbage collector
  • Windows 8 apps for the PhoneGap developer – Glen Gordon discusses some of the similarities between developing mobile applications using PhoneGap rather than native code, and the development of Windows 8 applications using JavaScript and HTML.
  • Reflection vs. Metadata – Mike Stall shares a set of notes about the use of Reflection compared to the COM based IMetadata Import interfaces from the pre-.NET 4 era, looking at the key differences between the two
  • Building your own Windows Runtime components to deliver great Metro style apps – The Windows 8 App Developer blog discusses the writing of custom WinRT components for use in Metro Style Applications allowing your applications to make use of high computation performance that unmanaged code gives.