• Announcing Web Deploy 3.0 RTW – Harsh Mittal highlights the release of version 3.0 of Web Deploy as an RTW release. Web Deploy 3.0 brings IIS 8 and Windows 2012 support, providing a means of assisting your upgrade to the latest OS when it officially releases, supports Azure deployment, Incremental database publishing, Powershell commandlets and much more.
  • StyleCop has been released – Tatworth highlights an updated StyleCop release which along with being compatible with VS2012 RC, also adds support for those working with ReSharper 7 RTM.
  • jQuery 1.8 RC1 Released – The jQuery team announce the first release candidate release of jQuery 1.8. As always the team are looking for you to include this new version in your applications to help them give it a final test before its stable release.