Update: The HTML Gremilins struck this morning, rendering the link to Simon Coopers article broken – Its fixed now – thanks to @monkeyonahill and @leppie and OdedCoster for letting me know.


  • Modernizr 2.6 released – The Modernizr Team announce the release of version 2.6 of Modernizr. This version includes a number of new detection tests addressing issues with testing for geolocation, web sockets, flexbox, WebGL, along with new tests for blob-constructor, advanced CSS background properties and much much more.
  • Version 0.8.3 (Stable) – The Node.js team announced the release of Version 0.8.3 last week, a release which updates the V8 engine and npm, along with addressing a number of reported issues.
  • V3 Final Release – Project "a CQRS Journey" – The Patterns and Practices CQRS team deliver their 3rd and final psuedo production release of the ‘Contoso Conference Management System’ a sample built with CQRS principles, and exploring the use of CQRS in real world software development where multiple releases are made.
  • Adobe PhoneGap 2.0 Released – Adobe announce the release of PhoneGap 2.0, including command line support for tooling for Android, iOS and Blackberry, improved documentation, Cordova WebView and Cordovajs.


  • Inside the DLR – Callsites – Simon Cooper digs into the .NET Dynamic Language Runtime, discussing how the DLR sits on top of the CLR providing a means for dynamic code to co-exist with static typed code, and looking at the key concept of Callsites
  • Roslyn Code Quoter tool – generating syntax API calls to generate any C# program – Kirill Osenkov discusses code generation on the Roslyn CTP, looking at the alternatives to get to a syntax tree ranging from parsing strings of code to using the fluent API to build up code, sharing a sample which generates the syntax API calls for any program.
  • Weak Event – Bnaya Eshet discusses a common cause of memory leaks, in the form of events, and discusses how weak referenced events provide a solution where the event handler is allowed to be garbage collected if needed.
  • Latency: The New Web Performance Bottleneck – Ilya Grigorik discusses the problem of latency in web applications. While I wouldn’t consider this to be anew problem the discussion here is a good one, with some interesting discussion occurring in the comments.
  • How to make a library portable and data binding friendly at the same time? – Ron Jacobs takes a look at building libraries for use on multiple platforms using the portable class luibrary functionality, as well as exploring how you can add eas data binding into your library for any platform which supports it.
  • New Blob Constructor in IE10 – Sharon Newman discusses the Bob constructor and Blob Builder interface available in Internet Explorer 10 which supports the in-progress work on the File API.
  • JavaScript Exactly Equal – Joe Mayo gives a nice introduction to the triple equals operator in JavaScript, explaining its use in simple terms.
  • Backbone.js: Hacker’s Guide – Alex Young shares a nice introduction to Backbone,js approaching it from the point of view of looking at the source of backbone and learning about how it works from there.
  • Partially Applied Functions In JavaScript – Derick Bailey discusses the use of partial function application in writing JavaScript in a functional programming style, discussing the concept and looking at a sample use of it
  • Using the ASP.NET Health Monitoring Provider to Secure Your Application in the Case of an Attack – Ricardo Peres takes a look at the ASP.NET Health Monitoring features, and discusses how it can be used to provide a security lock down by monitoring events for failed logins and having your application respond accordingly.
  • Rant: SignalR, Crazyiness, Head Butting & Wall Crashing – Ayende discusses his experiences of attempting to fit SignalR into RavenDB to provide real time change notification, and discusses the problems he ran into.
  • The 5 thing to immediately grab from EF Open Source – Felice Pollano highlights 5 interesting areas of the Entity Framework Code released as open source last week.