• Announcing jQuery Mobile 1.1.1 – The jQuery team announce the release of jQuery Mobile 1.1.1, the result of extensive bug fixing, and community feedback and testing. This release improves (amongst other things) the responsiveness to touch, speed of page transitions,
  • Chutzpah 2.0 Released – Matthew Manela announces the release of version 2 of his Chutzpah JavaScript Test Runner. This new release updates QUnit and Jasmine support, along with streaming out the results of test runs, make use o provided test harnesses, and optionally execute tests in parallel.
  • Announcing the MetroGameKit – a free, sample, starter project for Windows 8 Casual Games using HTML5 and JavaScript – ‘DaveDev’ highlights the release of MetroGameKit a starter project for Windows 8 game development in JavaScript and HTML5, based around Space Cadet, and available on CodePlex.



  • aspConf – Free Virtual ASP.NET Conference this week – Scott Guthrie highlights the free and virtual aspConf event occuring over two days this week (17th and 18th) where you can see presentations from many of the big names in the ASP.NET community from the comfort of your own (home|desk|armchair). I believe that all the LiveMeeting places have now gone, but you can register to watch the live streams of the event.