• ReSharper 7: What’s Inside – The team over at JetBrains give a run down of what is new and exciting in the V7 release of ReSharper. In addition to VS2012 support, you also get Windows8 and WinRT development tooling support, additional refactorings, improved CSS support and much much more.
  • MVVM Light Toolkit v4 RTM’s – Greg Duncan highlights the RTM release of Laurent Bugnion’s MVVM Light Toolkit. his version has been through a number of preview releases, an adds support for WinRT applications to its impressive list of supported platforms.
  • IE 9.0.8 Available via Windows Update – Tyson Storey of the Internet Explorer Team highlights the release of Internet Explorer 9.0.8, an update to IE9 which is being made available over Windows Update. This is the July cumulative security update, and brings your IE9 browser up to code on all the known vulnerabilities.


  • When is a cast not a cast? – Eric Lippert takes a look at the weird, wonderful and surprisingly complex world of type conversions, exploring three casting scenarios, and discussing why the do and don’t work.
  • How to reference F# in a research paper? – Don Syme discusses good references for the F# language for those working on research papers, a list which also doubles nicely as a good reading list for those interested in learning (much) more about F#.
  • Using the Windows 8 Simulator & VS 2012 to debug the IE10 touch events & your responsive design – David Rousset discusses how you can use the Windows 8 Simulator to provide a testing environment for the new touch features of Internet Explorer allowing you to develop and test on a machine which does not have touch capabilities.
  • Node.js development with WebMatrix 2 + Express (Part 2) – Steve Sanderson continues his series looking at Node.JS development with Web Matrix 2 and Express, exploring building a single page applications. This part looks at the building of a simple application and the separation of the UI from application logic using Express.
  • Make Portable Libraries Your Go-To Project Template – John Bowen discusses the inclusion of the Portable Class Libraries in VS 2012, the improvements made included wider platform support and better IDE support, along with discussing how this type of library project should be your ‘go-to’ project type.
  • Why should ASP.NET developers consider SignalR for ALL projects? – Kevin W. Griffin discusses why you really should consider using SignalR for your interaction between client and server in web applications, discussing where SignalR fits in to the picture, its support, and how it compares to other techniques, along with giving a short introduction to working with SignalR
  • Evaluating ORMs for Batch Data Performance – Eli Weinstock-Herman takes a look a the performance of a variety of ORM frameworks for performing large data batch operations.