• C#/.NET Little Wonders: The Joy of Anonymous Types – James Michael Hare continues his Little Wonders series looking at C# and .NET features which make our lives as developers easier. In this part he explores the use of Anonymous Types, looking at creating, initializing comparing, using and converting to string.
  • Eric Rambles On About C#, Again – Eric Lippert highlights an interview he gave to Rachel Roumeliotis where he discusses async/await, the Roslyn project, performance analysis and engineering discipline, along with sharing his own personal thoughts on where we might go post Roslyn.
  • The LightSwitch HTML Client: An Architectural Overview – Stephen Provine gives an overview of the LightSwitch HTML Client, discussing how it is built and the common technologies it leverages, along with discussion of the UI/UX experience.
  • Visual Studio 2012 New Features: Solution Explorer – Zain Naboulsi takes a look at the new features of the Solution Explorer in Visual Studio 2012, an area which on initial inspection looks the same as always, but has a number of useful additions included.
  • The Visual Studio 2012 Feedback Tool: A better way to submit bugs – The Visual Studio Team highlight the updated Visual Studio 2012 feedback tool, te best way to submit details of any bugs you encounter in the IDE. Additionally the team discuss the way that bugs are handled.
  • Evolution of the Entity Framework: Lesson 2 – K. Scott Allen continues his history lesson looking at the origins and evolution of the Entity Framework, discussing the first version of Entity Framework, and the issues it had.
  • Parallel Work in Async MVC Actions – K. Scott Allen also discusses the use of Async in ASP.Net MVC Actions, sharing and explaining some simple examples.
  • Managing multiple web service calls with Rx – ‘BenWilli’ discusses how the Reactive Extensions can be used to make much easier the task of calling multiple web services in parallel, and handling all the failures and updates required when the do or don’t return.
  • Automated UI Testing Done Right – Mehdi Khalili gives a tast of whats to come in his DDDSydney talk on automated UI testing, looking at how unfriendly prescriptive UI test can be refactored into reusable methods to make your testing much easier.
  • Unit Testing with Moles – SumanthP takes a look at making use of the Moles functionality when unit testing code, such as ASP.NET code, which may depend on external objects which you do not control (such as Request, Session, etc).


  • NxtGenUG – CQRS and Event Sourcing – Ashic Mahtab is presenting at the NxtGenUG in Coventry looking at the patterns of CQRS and Event Sourcing and how they can help focus you ob requirements for your software and making a simple extensible implementation. The event takes place on Monday 25th June
  • The Stack – Liverpool .Net User Group – June 2012 – The Liverpool based Stack Usergroup are meeting on the evening of Monday 25h June at the usual venue of Studio 2, Parr Street, where I will be giving a slightly more relaxed version of my recent DDD South West talk on Web Sockets and SignalR.
  • In The Brain of Udi Dahan: Commands, Queries – Skills Matter are hosting another of their ‘In the Brain of’ events on Monday 2nd July where Udi Dahan will be discussing building complex CQRS based applications which support large data sets and parallelism.