• Visual Studio 2010 Web Publish Updates – Sayed Ibrahim Hashimi shares the details of the latest release of updates for Visual Studio 2010’s Web Publishing functionality which shipped as a part of the Windows Azure SDK, discussing the web publishing dialog, EF Code First Migrations support, publish profile and config transformations.
  • Planner | NDC2012 – The Session Planner from the NDC Confernce now provides the easiest way to get your hands on the session recordings from all the sessions at NDC this year, a really great collection of learning materials from industry experts.
  • Using ASP.NET MVC in Umbraco 4 & MVC in Umbraco v4 – Aaron Powell & Shannon Deminick discuss what the retirement for Umbraco V5 which was MVC based means for developers, and take a look at how you can still include Umbraco content in MVC sites and applications. Ayende also discusses the Umbraco V5 retirement in his post On Umbraco’s NHibernate’s Pullout
  • Unit Testing ASP.NET Web API – Peter Provost sets about exploring the testability of Web API in this post, looking at a the range of testing possible and exploring the specifics of testing an implementation with plenty of code included to illustrate.
  • Anatomy of a File-based Unit Test Plugin – Peter also highlights a post from Matthew Manela which discusses the integration of his Chutzpah JavaScript test framework into the Visual Studio runner.
  • ExecutionContext vs SynchronizationContext – Stephen Toub shares a deep dive post looking at ExecutionContext and SynchronizationContext, answering questions on how they differ, how they interact with async / await.
  • Managing multiple web service calls with Rx – ‘BenWilli’ discusses the use of the Reactive Extensions for working and managing service requests in asynchronous situations such as User interfaces.
  • Upcoming presentations by me at Windows Azure Events – Soctt ‘The Gu’ Guthrie is on tour this week, with visits to Scottsdale Arizona, Cambridge UK, London UK, TechEd Europe In Amsterdam, and the Windows Azure UG in Amsterdam, presenting sessions at each stop (adding to the belief that Scott is a lean mean presenting machine who clearly needs no sleep!)
  • SignalR – Group Notifications – Dane-Garrin Balia takes a look at the notion of Groups in SignalR and how they allow you to direct messages to a particular subset of your connections.