Today’s edition is a bit short due to my laptop forgetting how to let me do drag and drop (a vital part of my Morning Brew Creation Application) – copy and pasting URLs and titles takes a lot longer!




  • Event: Windows Server 2012 Community Roadshow – Sarah Allison highlights the Windows Server 2012 Community Roadshow, running in over 20 countries, which will be in the UK in London (14th June) and Edinburgh (15th June).
  • Fancy some help to port your Windows Phone app to Windows 8? – Mike Ormond highlights an exclusive 2 day event running in London on the weekend of 16/17th June. This event is targeted at developers who have applications in the Windows Phone MarketPlace, and will provide assistance in porting your applications to the Windows 8 Platform.
  • Windows Azure Conference 22nd June 2012 – Further details are available about the Windows Azure Conference running in London on 22nd June, with a 4 track agenda covering cloud and related technologies.