Today’s edition was cut short due to a fire drill at my office ….


  • EF5 Release Candidate Available on NuGet – The Entity Framework team announce the release of a Release Candidate of Entity Framework 5 on NuGet. This release candidate builds on the feedback from EF5 Beta 2 and introduces timeout support for Code First Migrations, creation of tables in pre-existing databases, along with a number of bugfixes from Beta 2.
  • 1.39b Changes – NCrunch – The NCrunch Team announce the release of 1.39b of NCrunch, a tool which adds continuous testing support to Visual Studio running your tests as you write code. This release brings improvements to the test window, exports of coverage and other metrics, updates NUnit to 2.6, along with much more.


  • Mixing async and sync in distributed systems – Jimmy Bogard discusses user expectations of how systems work, and how this can make having parts of your system work in a more async way difficult, taking a look at how you can go about making operations async in a CQRS environment.
  • Ten Features I Like About CoffeeScript – Karl Seguin discusses 10 features he particularly likes about the CoffeeScript language, a language which allows you to write code and have it compiled into JavaScript for running in a browser.
  • The Task: Async and Await in a Windows Runtime World – Jeremy Likness takes a look at the differences between working with tasks in .NET and Tasks on the Windows Runtime.
  • Let’s MEET Windows Azure – Shaun Xu highlights a new Windows Azure website from Microsoft for an event on 7th June. The event will be streamed live via the site


  • Scott Hanselman doing user group tour of Scotland – Gary Ewan Park highlights the Scott Hanselman’s visit to Scotland in July where Scott will be tracing back his family’s history along with giving a series of usergroup talks on ASP.NET, Mobile Web and personal productivity. The events take place July 9-13 in Edinburgh, Dundee, Aberdeen, and Glasgow. Scott is an excellent and entertaining speaker, so be sure to register early as these sessions are sure to fill up quickly