• NUnitLite 0.7 Release – Charlie Poole announces a new release of NunitLite, a trimmed back version of the NUnit framework designed for use on resource restricted platforms. This 0.7 release responds to the news taht MonoTouch are using NUnitLite as their testing framework, and sees the framework getting some more polish and an increased feature set.
  • Array Visualizer – VS 2010 Debugging array visualizer and WinForm/WPF control you can use too… – Greg Duncan highlights a rather neat looking Visual Studio Debugger Display Extension which gives you visualization of 2D, 3D and 4D arrays in the IDE.
  • Azure SDK for node 0.5.4 is out! More secure and now with less angle brackets – Glenn Block highlights the release of the Windows Azure SDK for node 0.5.4. This release is both a feature release and a security release, and sees the version of node increased to node 0.6.17 to address a recent security vulnerability. This release also brings more YAML to the configuration of IISNode reducing the XML required to get your applications running.



  • Event: Announcing the UK Windows Azure conference – Sara Allison highlights the first full day multi-track UK Windows Azure Conference supported by the London Windows Azure User Group and Microsoft. The event, on Friday 22nd June, will feature all things Azure, and the best bit, tickets are free until 25th May, after wich they can be had for £25.