A rather late, and rather minimal edition today….sorry eveyone


  • GUID guide, part two – Eric Lippert continues his latest series of posts exploring the magical world of the GUID (Global Unique Identifier), in this post diving deeper into the make up of a GUID and some of the factors which make them unique.
  • Modern Web Development – Part 9 – Shawn Wildermuth continues is Modern Web Development series taking a look at the current face of web development. This post takes a look at making your web pages mobile friendly, looking at the three ways of making pages for mobile use.
  • Using Shims in Visual Studio 11 to test untestable code. – Ricci Gian Maria takes a look at using Shims one of the new features of Visual Studio 11 to hepl test code which previously was difficult / impossible to test.
  • An introduction to ASP.Net MVC 4.0 – Nikolaos Kantzelis walks through the creation of a small ASP.NET MVC 4 application, discussing how the framework allows ou to build clean HTML and URL structures.
  • Need get a GW-Basic fix? Here’s GW-Basic running in Silverlight – Greg Duncan highlights a fine retro port bringing GW-BASIC to Silverlight, allowing you to reminisce of the simpler days of programming.
  • Multi Threading Insanity – (Humour) Ayende highlights a famous Einstein quote, and suggests that Einstein didn’t do enough multi threaded programming!
  • Introducing the jQuery Mobile Metro Theme – Colin Eberhardt discusses the new jQuery Mobile Metro Theme which brings allows you to style your jQuery mobile based applications in a Metro look and feel. In the article Colin looks at how you can detect the device being used and serve the suitable styleing to make the application feel native.