• ASP.NET Web API Updates – April 27 – Henrik F Nielsen highlights some of the changes to the ASP.NET Web API which are now available in the source code, and will eventually become part of the official release. The changes surround the wiring up of Message Handlers, access to progress notification for upload and download, and further support for Multipart messages.
  • Back to Basics: Moving beyond for, if and switch – Scott Hanselman resumes his Back To Basics series looking at how modern languages allow you to move beyond the standard for, if and switch statements allowing you to write more expressive and shorter code.
  • C#/.NET Little Wonders: The Enumerable.Range() Static Method – James Michael Hare also continues his series on the little wonders available in the C# language and .NET Framework with a look at the use of the Enumerable.Range() method in a couple of scenarios.
  • "Virtual method call from constructor" What Could Go Wrong? – Peter Ritchie discusses a common code analysis warning about calling overridable methods in constructors which while syntactically correct can result in unexpected behaviour.
  • ASP.NET MVC: Resolve or Inject? That’s the Issue – Dino Esposito discusses the difference between dependency resolving using a service locator and dependency injection in ASP.NET MVC web applications.
  • Auto-scaling Azure with WASABi – From the Ground Up – Greg Oliver discusses the process of setting up WASABi to provide auto scaling of Windows Azure, looking at how you can test the setup using the compute emulator