• ILSpy v2 4 U – ILSpy v2 RTWs – Greg Duncan highlights Christoph Willie’s announcement of the official 2.0 release of ILSpy, the open source .NET Decompiler. V2 brings support for decompilation to VB.NET, decompiling Expression Trees, and much more.


  • Visual Studio 11 Fakes Part 1 – Stubs – Peter Provost kicks off a series of posts looking at the new Visual Studio Fakes functionality introduced in VS11 beta, which provides out of the box mocking functionality. This first psot gives an introduction to how Fakes came to be, and looks at their basic use.
  • What else is new in Razor v2? – Andrew Nurse shares a second post introducing some of the the new features of the Razor View Engine in its second version. In this post Andrew discusses Void Elements, and discusses some of the parser internals.
  • Visual Studio 11 Express for Web for Front End Development – JavaScript/HTML5/CSS3 – Scott Hanselman explores the Visual Studio Express edition, and how well it fits for front-end only developers who deal solely in CSS, HTML and JavaScript, illustrating some of the new features which make the express tooling more useable for this class of developer.
  • The Real Pain of Software Development [part 2] – Phil Haack follows up on an 8 year old post discussing some of the physical pain that can be associated with development, reminding us that our physical environment is as important as our IDE environment.
  • Exploring Code Canvas – Kael Rowan gives an update on the Code Canvas project, discussing some of the areas of further research which they have undertaken or wish to undertake in the future giving a glimpse of some of the features we may come to see in future IDEs
  • Should I expose synchronous wrappers for asynchronous methods? – Stephen Toub continues his discussions of wrapper methods in async and synchronous code, this time discussing providing synchronous wrappers in your API over code which is actually async, sharing advice on their use and application.
  • A lap around Team Foundation Service online – Jeremy Alles gives a brief tour round the new Team Foundation Service online, a hosted TFS environment run by Microsoft.
  • Your Feedback about the Roslyn CTP NuGet Package? – Kirill Osenkov requests feedback on the packaging of the Roslyn CTP release as a NuGet Package, sharing some of the initial suggestions which have been received and looking for other view points.
  • My approach to refactoring a monster switch statement – Paul Stack takes a worked example of refactoring a piece of not particularly well structured code into more maintainable code using many of the SOLID principles.
  • Cleaning up ASP.NET MVC Controllers – Paul Stovell is also discussing the cleaning up of code, focusing on making ASP.NET MVC controllers leaner and more undertandable


  • "Unplugged" LIDNUG online talk with me on Monday (April 16th) – Scott Guthrie is giving another of his ‘unplugged’ talks with the Linked In .NET Usergroup (LIDNUG) today (Monday 16th) between 1am and 11:30am PST. The event is hosted on Live Meeting and allows you to put any question you like to Scott.