• EF Power Tools Beta 2 Available – Brice Lambson of the Entity Framework Team announces the release of the second beta of the Entity Framework Power Tools. These power tools provide additional design time tooling support in Visual Studio for working with EF, and this release brings customization of reverse generated code using T4 templates, Generate Views support for Code First and database-first, and DBContext and Database discovery improvements.
  • Announcing YUI 3.5.0 – The Yahoo! User Interface Team announce the official release of YUI 3.5.0. This release btings with it a second skin offering, App, Button, CSSButton, Handlebars, Pjax and TestConsole components, improvements to CSSGrids, and lots more.


  • Getting Started With ASP.NET Web Stack Source on CodePlex & Contributing to ASP.NET Web Stack Source on CodePlex – Henrik F Nielsen looks at getting up and running with the newly open sourced ASP.NET Web Stack, looking at the prerequisites to getting the code up and compiling on your machine, before moving on to look at the process for contributing and creating forks.
  • ASP.NET Web API beta Source code: Survival Guide – ‘aliostad’ similarly looks at the open sourced code and getting it working on your machine, focusing specifically on the ASP.NET Web API Beta
  • ASP.NET Web API, MVC, ViewModels and Formatters – Jimmy Bogard discusses the role of the View in web programming, looking at how the lack of a view component in ASP.NET Web API can lead to your view concerns being addressed in other aspects of the stack. Interesting discussion in the comments of this one (and also on twitter).
  • What’s new in Razor v2 – Andrew Nurse gives an overview of the many improvements in the Razor View Engine in V2, available currently as a part of the current suite of beta releases, and also available in source form.
  • ASP.NET 4.5 Beta Web Forms Tutorial Series Published – Erik Reitan highlights a new tutorial series focusing on developing an application using ASP.NET 4.5 Web Forms and Entity Framework Code First, showing off a number of new features of WebForms 4.5 including the new model binding features.
  • Task Parallel Library and Servers, Part 1: Introduction – Brad Wilson kicks off a new series looking at the use of the Task Parallel Library in Server Side Code using ASP.NET MVC and ASP.NET Web API
  • Actions in WCF Data Services – Part 1: Service Author Code – Alex James kicks off a series of posts looking at the new Action functionality of the WCF data Services and OData, and specifically the provider model being used to allow third parties to add functionality to the core framework.
  • New is Glue – Steve Smith discusses how use of the ‘new’ keyword in code generally means that you’ve just coupled two bits of code together tightly, and looks at how you can avoid this coupling, and when it is appropriate to use ‘new’.
  • JavaScript Debugging Enhancements – Dmitri Leonov discusses the improvements made to the JavaScript debugging experience in Visual Studio 11, particularly to support Windows 8 Metro Application development.
  • Trying Out JavaScript v.Next – K. Scott Allen highlights the support for ECMAScript Harmony, the next evolution of JavaScript, in current stable builds of Google Chrome, showing off a couple of the new language features available.
  • WinJS Promises #1, #2, #3, #4, #5 & #6 – Mike Taulty shares a series of screencasts taking the covers off the concept of Promises as implemented in WinJS for Windows 8 Metro Applications