This post is the last one for the week. Morning Brew tradition dictates that public holidays here in the UK are my days off (and a chance for a lie in), so the Easter break means that there will be no post on Friday or Monday, with The Morning Brew returning on Tuesday 10th April (usually with a larger than usual edition to catch up with all the posts over the long weekend).


  • NuGet 1.7 – Th NuGet Team announce the release of NuGet 1.7. This release adds the ability to see pre-release packages in the UI, supports opening of a readme.txt file after package installation, Package restore in the UI and support for solution level packages.config.
  • WebApiContrib is Alive – Chris Missal highlights the existence of WebApiContrib, a community package which adds features to ASP.NET Web API, much like MvcContrib does for ASP.NET MVC.
  • WiX Toolset – Download: WiX v3.6 RC0 – The Windows Installer XML (WiX) team announce the release of their first Release candidate of version 3.6. The most significant change in this release brings support for Visual Studio 11 Beta.
  • TFS Integration Tools – March 2012 Release – Willy-P. Schaub announces the release of the March build of the TFS Integration Tools. Developed by the TFS Product Group in conjunction with the Visual Studio ALM Rangers, it provides means of integrating and migrating data from other systems into TFS.


  • Rx TOC – I’ve been enjoying Bnaya Eshet’s series of posts looting at the Reactive Extensions for .NET, and this convenient Table Of Contents gives links back to all his previous posts on the subject. Bnaya also has a new post on Join – which merges streams together
  • NuGet 1.7 available – Easy installation of Rx v2.0 Beta – The Reactive Extensions Team highlight the release of NuGet 1.7 and how it makes getting their pre-release package of the latest version of the Reactive Extension (2.0 beta) easier with its pre-release package support.
  • Moving from Action Filters to Message Handlers – John V. Petersen responds to community feedback by taking a look at the use of HttpMessageHandlers for implementing securing of Web API services, looking at how they allow you to intercept before controllers get involved.
  • You Really Should Log Client-Side Errors – Karl Seguin discusses how you can capture Client Side JavaScript errors in your applications and easily have them reported back to your server allowing you the opportunity to find out the errors people are encountering with your web applications on the client side.
  • Can JITs be faster? – Miguel de Icaza discusses and responds to a piece from Herb Sutter on the way JIT works and its performance and optimization, discussing how JIT optimization is handled in .NET and Mono. A complex topic, and plenty of good comments to read along with this one.
  • PragPub #34 – The Pragmatic Bookshelf announce the release of their 34th edition of PragPub magazine, an electronic magazine available in range of formats. This month technical blogging, defensive programming and Scala are amongst the featured articles.
  • Become a Visual Studio 11 Master Detective – A Look into the Page Inspector – Carl Bergenhem takes a look at one of the exciting new features for Web Development in the Visual Studio 11 release. The new Page Inspector gives the power of tools like FireBug integrated with the Visual Studio environment, and an understanding of where CSS, HTML and JavaScript comes from in your backend code.
  • F# IntelliSense Improvements in Visual Studio 11 Beta – Brian McNamara of the Visual Studio F# Team shows off some of the improvements made to Intellisense for F# in the Visual Studio 11 Beta.