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  • Is it ok to use nested Parallel.For loops? – Stephen Toub discusses some of the finer points of the implementation of Parallel.For, answering some common questions and concerns about its behaviour
  • Asynchronous programming in C# 5 – Ivan Towlson discusses the design requirement for Windows Runtime which aims to keep WinRT based applications responsive by ensuring that there are no synchronous APIs which take longer than 50 milliseconds, and explores the shift to async programming in C#5, looking at its origins in F#.
  • HTML5 Offline Web applications as an afterthought in ASP.NET MVC – Jef Claes explores the implementation of the HTML5 Offline Web Application API which allows your HTML based application to be made available by browsers when the computer is not able to connect to your server, showing how the required Manifest file can be generated in ASP.NET MVC.
  • ASP.NET MVC3 Razor With JQuery For Beginners – Jovan Popovic shares a nice simple walk through introduction to using ASP.NET MVC 3 and the Razor View Engine to build ASP.NET web applications, illustrating with the construction of a simple site – a good resource for the next time someone you know wants to get into MVC.
  • 7 Resources Every JavaScript Developer Should Know – Rob Bazinet shares links to a number of great resources for Modern JavaScript development, including podcasts, references and tutorials. Check out the comments on this post for some more resources too.
  • Find the jQuery Bug #7: Using a Method as an Event Handler & Find the jQuery Bug #8: Suspicious Selectors – Elijah Manor continues his series of posts looking at some common bugs that get introduced to jQuery code through misunderstandings about how functionality works. I part 7 he explores the use of methods as event handlers and confusions surrounding that value is ‘this’, and part 8 explores some issues with invalid characters in name class and ID attributes.
  • .NET Debugging Quick Start – Esoteric – Site Home – MSDN Blogs – Arvindsh shares links to a collection of resources regarding .NET debugging, including tutorials for WinDBG, DebugDiag, PSSCOR2 & 4 along with recordings of some relevant conference sessions.
  • Windows Azure FAQ #145: What Size VM Should I Go With? – Peter Laudati highlights an article on MSDN from Joel Forman and Stephen Roger which looks at the questions and decision making regarding the size of Windows Azure instance you should use for your applications.
  • Bring single sign-on and SkyDrive to your Windows 8 apps with the Live SDK – Dare Obasanjo discusses the process of single sign-on through the Live SDK to allow your Windows 8 applications to access cloud services provided by Live such as Sky Drive.