• Update 4.0.3 for Microsoft .NET Framework 4 Roundup – Greg Duncan highlights the release of the .NET Framework 4.0.3 update for .NET 4. This runtime update brings a few new features and high priority bug fixes to the .NET framework Runtime, including SustainedLowLatency mode for Garbage Collection, support for Windows Workflow in partial trust, and 3 other new features.


  • Why are local variables definitely assigned in unreachable statements? – Eric Lippert discusses why and how the compiler is designed to prevent you from reading from variables until after they have been definitely assigned, discussing how this is intended to place you in the pit of success.
  • Visual Studio 11 Beta Performance Part #1 – Larry Sullivan kicks off a series of posts looking at the performance of the Visual Studio IDE, and discussing what the team learnt from Visual Studio 2010, and how they have worked to improve the performance of Visual Studio 11 in a number of areas.
  • Mass Assignment Vulnerability in ASP.NET MVC – Josh Bush discusses Mass Assignment Vulnerabilities, and how one was recently used to compromise GitHub, and looks at how, with bad design, it is possible for your ASP.NET MVC applications to be similarly vulnerable, and discusses thigns you can do to avoid such issues.
  • On the nightmare that is JSON Dates. Plus, JSON.NET and ASP.NET Web API – Scott Hanselman discusses the pain of dates in JSON format, looking at the number of different ways in which they are represented, and discusses the ISO 8601 standard which seems to be the prefered format for dates going forward.
  • It’s Time To Spring Forward An Hour in the US and Canada: Daylight Saving Time Arrives Sunday – On a loosely related note, M3 Sweatt reminds us that Daylight Savings starts in the most of the US and Canada this weekend – useful information for those of us in the UK hoping to attend virtual events.
  • Modern Web Development – Part 7 – Shawn Wildermuth continues his series looking at the modern practices in Web Development, in this part discussing the role of Version Control software in the software (and web) development process, looking at the modern style of distributed version control systems.
  • Zooming and Panning with CSS and Script (BYOSP Part 9) – K. Scott Allen continues his series looking at building a slide presenter application to create slideshows using HTML5 , CSS and JavaScript. This part looks at the creation of some zooming and pan style animations for transitions between slide states.
  • Free webook, "Learning JavaScript Design Patterns" (168 pages) – Greg Duncan highlights this great free ebook from Addy Osmani, which has been updated once again, covering over 20 patterns in good detail, including looking at implementations in jQuery.
  • RabbitMQ for Windows: Introduction – Derek Greer kicks off a new series of posts looking at getting up and running with RabbitMQ on Windows and .NET. This first part looks at the installation and setup of RabbitMQ and its dependencies
  • Alt.Tekpub REST & REST and Urls – Rob Eisenberg and Ayende join in the discussion about REST API design started by Rob Conery asking for assistance with the design of a REST API for Tekpub
  • First look at the ASP.NET Web API – John V Petersen takes an introductory look at creating HTTP APIs using the WebAPI included in the ASP.NET MVC 4 Beta release.
  • Don’t try to model the real world, it doesn’t exist. – Udi Dahan discusses the difficulty in modelling the real world in software applications, looking at a number of scenarios which illustrate this difficulty, and shares some useful advice on creating working models and ubiquitous language.
  • C# Delegates, Actions, Funcs, Lambdas – Keeping it super simple – Bruno Terkaly discusses the implementation of a number of the newer C# constructs, Delegates, Actions, Funcs and Lambdas, looking at how they are implemented by the compiler, allowing you to work with reduced complexity (even if the syntax does seem more confusing)
  • INotifyPropertyChanged, The .NET 4.5 Way – Dan Rigby highlights three new attributes in .NET 4.5 which, at compile time, allow you to have your code annotated with information about the calling method – allowing an easier way of implementing INotifyPropertyChanged.
  • Visual Studio 11 Beta Page Inspector Tutorial live in – The Web Development Tools blog highlights the availability of tutorial content looking at one of the exciting new features of the Visual Studio 11 beta. The Page Inspector brings Firebug like capabilities to the Visual Studio IDE, and with it lots of power to work with and debug your pages.