• Prism for Silverlight 5 Ships – Blaine Wastell highlights the release of Prism 4.1 for Silverlight 5. The introduction of Silverlight 5 support has caused a few changes in Prism, some scoped only to the Silverlight Support, and this release also addresses a number of reported issues.
  • FluentData -Micro ORM with a fluent API that makes it simple to query a database – The Fluent Data Team announce the latest release of their MicroORM. As the name suggests, FluentData provides a Fluent API. This release includes support for querying your data. This release adds support for MySql to the list of databases supported.
  • ASP.NET Web API and HttpClient Available on NuGet – Henrik F Nielsen highlights the various NuGet Packages which allow you to get the various parts of the WebAPI functionality into your projects in a granular and installer free way.


  • Modern Web Development – Part 6 – Shawn Wildermuth continues his series looking at the evolution of we development over the past few years, looking in this part at the packaging of assets, looking at the combining and compressing of JavaScript and CSS.
  • Modernization (BYOSP Part 4) – K. Scott Allen continues his ‘Build Your Own Slide Presenter’ series looking at the creation of a slideshow app using HTML 5 and CSS, looking briefly at warning users of old browsers that certain features may not work using Modernizr.
  • Supporting high-dpi pixel-dense "Retina" Displays like iPhones or the iPad 3 with CSS or IMG – Scott Hanselman continues his discussions of Responsive Web Design an how he is applying the concepts to his site. This post discusses having images and styling respond to smaller screens / different DPI settings.
  • Using jQuery, Plugins and UI Controls With Backbone – Derick Bailey discusses the use of jQuery based controls and plugins with Backbone.js, looking at the use of the KendoUI controls from Telerik (a suite of jQuery controls) to illustrate.
  • NuGet Project Uncovered: DumpToText – Jason Jarrett continues his NuGet Packages series taking a look at DumpToText, a simple extension which allows you to write out an object (or object graph) to text for debugging or use in testing.
  • From ASP.NET MVC to Nancy – Part 2 – ‘jhovgaard’ is part way through a series of posts looking at moving from ASP.NET MVC to Nancy, giving shape to a nice introductory series covering Nancy from the point of view of an experienced ASP.NET MVC User.
  • Launching "Sample of the Day" – Learn an amazing code sample every 24 hours – Jialiang Ge highlights the latest feature from the Microsoft All-In-One Code Framework, a higlighted code sample every day, allowing you to learn about a new it of application, framework or integration code each day. An RSS feed for the featured code is available for you to subscribe to.
  • Windows Phone: Background Agents Pitfalls (1 of n) – Mister Goodcat discusses some of the pitfalls of the Windows Phone Mango Background Agents functionality learnt from applying it to real world problems in the first part of a new mini-series of posts.