• Bad Metaphors – Eric Lippert discusses some of the bad metaphors which we all use to describe object oriented programming, discussing how the concept of classes and inheritance are actually quite different from the real world
  • Introducing & TryJoinads (I.) – Asynchronous programming – Tomáลก Pet?í?ek introduces the new TryJoinads website. Joinads are a research extension of F# computation expressions, and the TryJoinads site makes use of the open source nature of the F# Compiler and its ability to run inside Silverlight to allow you to experiment with this extension directly in your browser.
  • SignalR powered by Service Bus – Clemens Vasters discusses the concept of SignalR as a key value message bus, and discusses his contribution to the project, a Windows Azure backplane which allows SignalR to easily scale out over multiple nodes.
  • Rx and Time related operators – Bnaya Eshet continues his exploration of the Reactive Extensions discussing the concept of time in relation to the extensions, looking at some of the methods from the framework.
  • Parallel processing of concurrent Ajax requests in Asp.Net MVC – Stefan Prodan discusses the standard behaviour of processing ASP.NET MVC Ajax requests in serial due to locking on the session object, and discusses how with careful consideration and some attributes you can improve the performance and have calls processed in parallel.
  • WP7 Sample: A Microphone-enabled Phone App in 5 Minutes! – Jerry Nixon continues his Windows Phone 7 series taking a look at the use of the Microphone included in all WP7 devices, sharing a video which shows the building of an application which uses it in 5 minutes
  • "Open" for business: using OData in Windows Phone apps – Paul Laberge discusses the OData Protocol and shares the steps required to get up and running with consuming OData in your Windows Phone 7 applications.
  • Performance Counter Collection – Christy Henriksson discusses performance counters as a great way of getting to the bottom of performance related issues, looking at how you can go about capturing the information from the counters using a variety of means.
  • 6 on 8? Will VB6 be supported on Windows 8? Yep (mostly)! – Greg Duncan highlights two posts on the plans for continued support for the VB6 programming language and the runtime that the applications use on Windows 8
  • Build Your Own Slide Presenter : Part 1 – K. Scott Allen kicks off a new series of posts looking at creating a HTML 5 based Slide Show presenter making use of both HTML5 structual markup, CSS and JavaScript. Full source is available on GitHub.


  • The Stack – Liverpool .Net User Group – March 2012 – The Stack Usergroup returns for its March event on Monday 19th March at Studio 2, Parr Street, Liverpool where MattSalmon will be giving a second session on the extensibility of ASP.NET MVC and Adam Burcher will be delivering a session looking at SharePoint Development.
  • DDD South West – Call For Speakers – The Developer Developer Developer SouthWest conference is running for the 4th time in late May this year, and today (Tuesday 14th February) is the start of the call for speakers for the event. DDDSW is a nice friendly event and a great one to start speaking at, so if you are an old or new speaker and want to get involved, drop them a line.