• Announcing FsUnit 1.0 – Dan Mohl announces the release of FsUnit 1.0. This 1.0 release brings with it support for further testing frameworks, adding and MbUnit support alongside the existing NUnit and adds an additional assertion function. The release is available as Nuget packages, and the project source is hosted on GitHub.


  • MSDN Magazine: January 2012 – The January 2012 edition of MSDN Magazine is now available, with articles on building Windows Phone 7 applications, Caching on Windows Azure, building HTML5 applications, Nuget, Orchard, ASP.NET security, screen based input, and much more – add to that all the usual columns and you have something to ward off the post-holiday-season blues.
  • Shortest String That Contains All Words – Chris Eargle has a go at a programming problem posed by Mango12. This Kata like problem involves finding the shortest string which contains all the specified words, and Chris takes a look at using a weighted graph algorithm to establish the shortest string, working through the principle and sharing the code.
  • Mapping and Auto-Mapping Objects – Elton Stoneman kicks off a series of 5 posts looking at the use of his Sixeyed.Mapping anything-to-object mapping library. In this first post Elton takes a look at the type of problem this library is intended for and the basics of object mapping using this library.
  • Keeping up with the Web Standards – Tommy Lee highlights the availability of recordings of all the sessions from the recent W3C Web standards event held at and sponsored by Microsoft
  • If I can build a Phone App anyone Can – What project type to choose? Pivot? Panorama? – Susan Ibach continues her series of posts on building Windows Phone applications with a discussion of the 9 different project templates available for Silverlight based Windows Phone applications.
  • Windows Azure with Windows Phone 7 – Subodh Pushpak shares the slides and session recordings of a sessions he recently delivered on Windows Phone 7 development with Windows Azure.
  • Open Source Developments on Microsoft Windows Azure – Eric Troup discusses the announcements from Microsoft about continuing efforts working on Open Source developments for the Windows Azure platform, including Node.js, MongoDB, Hadoop, Memcached, and Solr.