• HTML5 for Applications: The Fourth IE10 Platform Preview – The Internet Explorer Team announce the release of their 4th Preview Release of Internet Explorer 10. It is worth noting that this preview release requires Windows 8 Developer Preview and cannot be installed on earlier versions, but there will be beta and release candidate releases for earlier Windows versions.
  • Web Essentials – the idea – Mads Kristensen discusses the ideas and motivation behind his Web Essentials extension for Visual Studio which brings enhanced features for working with HTML and CSS in the Visual Studio IDE. If you do web development and haven’t already checked them out you really should.


  • Global HandleErrorAttribute in MVC3, Convention Based Application Settings via Autofac & An Intro To Anvil.js – Another day and another bunch of bloggers kick off their new blogs over on FreshBrewedCode, with Jonathan Creamer discussing error handling in ASP.NET MVC using the HandleErrorAttribute, Josh Bush discussing building a convention based configuration using AutoFac and Alex Bush sharing an introductory screencast on Anvil.js a library to help guide, structure, build and test Node.js Applications.
  • Entity Framework Batch Update and Future Queries – Paul Welter highlights the EntityFramework.Extended library, available in source and via NuGet. This library extends Entity Framework to include support for batch updates and deletes without requiring entites to be brought into memory first, adds support for future queries, and adds audit logging support which hooks into any changes to entities as they head to the database.
  • WPF 4.5: Binding and change notification for static properties – Pete Brown takes a look at the new features in WPF 4.5 for change notification with static properties, looking at the two different approaches to implementing – via binding and Code behind.
  • Visual Studio 11 Developer Preview: Multiple / Floating Tab Wells – Zain Naboulsi discusses the Multiple / Floating Tab Wells now included in the Core Visual Studio IDE in the Developer Preview of Visual Studio 11. This feature started off life as a Productivity Powertool for VS2010, and is one of a number which have made their way into the next release of the core IDE.
  • Composing Entity Framework Fluent Configurations – K.Scott Allen discusses using MEF to allow you to separate out your Entity Framework configurations into classes for each entity and use MEF to help to compose the configurations together.
  • People about VB.Net – Christiaan Baes celebrates his 400th blog post by gathering together peoples thoughts and opinions on VB and VB.NET, asking a range of well known .NET people to share thoughts on the language, showing that peoples fondness for VB runs deeper than many may think.
  • 31 Days of Mango | Day #30: Local Database – Jeff Blankenburg’s 31 days of Mango series nears its conclusion with a guest post from Chris Woodruff on the use of the local database support available in Mango exploring its use in a simple application.
  • jQuery Mobile 1.0 – Shaun Dunne shares a tutorial on using jQuery Mobile 1.0 running through from first principles creating single and multiple page applications, using themes and looking at what changed over the three preview releases.
  • The two worlds – a project retrospective – Rob Ashton discusses his implementation of a game that evolved out him wanting to do some TDD and explore WebGL. In this post Rob discusses the TDD aspects of the project and also talks about the messaging between client and server and how he structured this relationship.
  • Does Certification Have Any Value? & The value of certifications – Davy Brion & Jimmy Bogard discuss the subject of developer certification, the dangers in assuming that certification is the only way to go, and discussing some of the alternative approaches to gain skills and experiences which add to your worth as a developer.