• Ajax Control Toolkit July 2011 Release and the New HTML Editor Extender – Stephen Walther announces the release of the July 2011 release of the Ajax Control Toolkit, giving the lowdown on the new HTML Editor Extender Control which provides an easy way to get rich HTML editing on nay ASP.NET Textbox control. There are two editions of this release, one targeting NET 3.5 and the other VS2010 / .NET 4
  • MVC Controls Toolkit – Download: Mvc Controls Toolkit 1.3.0 SP1 – The MVC Controls Toolkit team announce their latest service pack release 1.3.0 SP1, available via the CodePlex site or NuGet. This release adds further controls to the library including Dynamic DropDown, along with updates to the TypedTextBox and TypedEditDisplay controls, improvements to client side validation, and a number of bug fixes.
  • Transactional File Manager Version 1.2 .1 Released – Chinh Do announces the release of version 1.2.1 of his Transactional File Manager library. This library provides file system operations enlisted in System.Transaction Transactions. The release is a minor bug fix release, and includes an upgrade to VS 2010 for the solution, migration of the test to NUnit along with a number of bug fixes.
  • CoffeeScript 1.1.2 – The CoffeeScript team announce the release of CoffeeScript 1.1.2, a minor update with a lot of changes taking place under the hood, with improvements to the REPL environment, the use of Function.prototype.bind, along with a range of other fixes.
  • Visual Studio Testing Tools – Two new hotfixes released – Terje Sandstrom highlights two hotfixes which address 7 serious issues encountered by uses of the Visual Studio Testing Tools, released earlier this summer.


  • Entity Framework 4.1 Update 1, Backward Compatibility and Microsoft – Ayende discusses the importance usually placed on Backward compatibility at Microsoft, and how that principle has been broken with the release of Entity Framework 4.1 Update 1 and its changes to support for Generic Provider implementations, the technique that profiler vendors use to hook into the data access process.
  • HTML5 Feature Support Detection – The Composite Code blog shares a nice post on feature detection for detecting browser support for HTML5 features, looking at common techniques to detect HTML5 input types, Canvas, and geolocation.
  • HTML5 Part 5: Resources, Websites, and Tools – Jennifer Marsman wraps up last week’s series on HTML 5 with a collection of great resources for learning more about HTML5 and associated technologies. This collection of links includes books, videos, tools, and samples.
  • Code First Migrations: Your Feedback – Rowan Miller, Program Manager on the ADO.NET Entity Framework Team responds further on community feedback from the first CTP release of the Code Frist Migrations framework, discussing the feature directions they are taking for the next CTP based on your feedback.
  • 18 Months of Developer Division Releases – Brian Harry gathers togther a list of the 75 releases that the Developer Division have made over the past 18 months – a quite incredible range of tools, and features.
  • Passing Objects between Silverlight Applications – Mike James discusses the use of Local Messaging between Silverlight Out of Browser applications running on the same machine, discussing serialisation of objects between the two applications using the DataContractJsonSerializer.


  • The Client Side – Dan Maharry announces The Client Side, a Morning Brew like blog for all things web Client-Side Programming. If my coverage of Client Side Dev topics leaves you wanting more then this is certainly going to be a blog that is worth a read – Good Luck with it Dan.
  • NxtGenUG – Event: Seriously Scalable Websites – Chris Hay will be delivering his session ‘Developing big scaly websites for Windows Azure’ at the Cambridge NxtGenUG Tomorrow evening (Tuesday 9 August). This session will take a look at build web applications that scale well in Windows Azure, how server behave under load, scaling up and out, the use of load balancers, sessions caching and Content Delivery Networks.
  • NEBytes August 2011 – Cross Device XAML and Office 365 – The NEBytes Usergroup in Newcastle Upon Tyne will be meeting on Wednesday 17th August for two sessions, one from Colin Eberhardt on cross platform development with WPF and Silverlight, and a second session from Jonathan Noble and Andrew Westgarth on Office 365
  • F101 – Behaviors, Configuration, and Runtime – Josh Arnold share the recording and slides of the first run of his FubuMVC Webinar on Behaviors, configuration and runtime, delivered on Friday.