Update: Fixed the double posting – thanks to Oded for letting me know


  • Caliburn.Micro v1.2 RTW and Nuget Feature Packages! – Rob Eisenberg announces the 1.2 release of his Caliburn.Micro framework. Along with the usual improvements and fixes this release includes the introduction of NuGet based feature packages allowing you to get just the bits of the framework you require allowing you to make smaller applications
  • SpecFlow 1.7.0 released – Jonas Bandi announces the release of SpecFlow 1.7.0, the latest update to this .NET BDD Framework. This release includes the use of the standard gherkin parser, support for code generation from the lib folder copy of the library, along with numerous other improvements and bugfixes.
  • NHibernate 3.2.0GA – Fabio Maulo announces the General Availability release of NHibernate 3.2. This release includes a vast array of improvements, bug fixes and new features including a SQL Azure dialect, paging in HQL, code based mapping and much much more. Be sure to read the release notes for full details and also for details of the few potentially breaking changes.
  • WinForm HTML Editor Control – Adding HTML editing to your WinForm app is drag and drop away… – Greg Duncan highlights a very useful looking HTML Editor Control for WinForms applications providing you with a useable alternative to the built in RTF editor for rich text editing with the content being maintained as HTML. Available from the MSDN Code Gallery, the control comes with a sample application and 30+ pages of documentation.


  • Node.cs – Ayende takes a look at implementing some of the Node.js functionality in C# showing how using the Task Parallel Library you can quite easily obtain something similar in not very much code.
  • Knockout Style Data-Bind Attributes For Backbone – Derick Bailey continues his exploration of Backbone sharing code for Knockout style data binding attributes for Backbone, plugging in to his existing Model Binding plugin for Backbone.
  • Magic Free Code First Migrations – Rowan Miller responds to some of the feedback about the Entity Framework Migrations CTP, discussing some of the design decisions, and outlining some of the use cases for the tool, urging people to give good constructive feed back through the official channels to help the focus future CTP efforts.
  • Using Reflection and Attributes for better Tracing and Logging data rendering – Carl Nolan discusses the use of Reflection to explore object structure and extract information from the structure and instances of objects, showing how that can be applied to tracing and logging code.
  • Reflection, Lambda, and Expression Magic – Jeremy Likness discusses the use of Reflection along with Lambdas and expressions to create a helper class which provides non-intrusive validation onto code generated entities
  • Internals of Dependency Property in WPF – Abhishek Sur continues his ‘Internals of…’ series with a look at how Dependency Properties in WPF are implemented under the hood
  • Techniques, Strategies and Patterns for Structuring JavaScript Code – Dan Wahlin kicks off a series of posts looking at the different ways of structuring your JavaScript code, exploring techniques and patterns which help make your JavaScript code better. In this post Dan sets the scene for the examples, and takes a look at closures in JavaScript.
  • OWASP Top 10 for .NET developers part 8: Failure to Restrict URL Access – Troy Hunt continues his excellent series of posts focusing on the OWASP projects top 10 security vulnerabilities.


  • What’s new in Denali (The next version of SQL Server) – Scottish Develpoers welcome Andrew Fryer for a session in Glasgow on Tuesday 16th August where Andrew will be giving a taste of the new features of SQL Server Denali, the next release of the SQL Server Product Line.
  • NxtGenUG – Event: Node.js – Gary Short takes a trip down to Manchester / Warrington for the NxtGenUG to deliver a session on using Node.js to create event driven server side JavaScript code, giving an introduction to node.js, and exploring a network appliance’s code written in Node.Js. The session will be delivered on Wednesday 21st September at AppSense in Daresbury.
  • Dev4Good July 2011 – Howard van Rooijen shares a nice write up of a great Dev Event. The July Dev4Good event set out to help 3 charities with some technology to help support their charitable goals, and i sounds like the Dev4Good team got on well with the project and had a great time to boot.