• SQL Server Code Name "Denal" CTP3 and SQL Server 2008 R2 SP1 are HERE! – The SQL Server Team announce the release of their latest CTP of Denali, the vNext release of SQL Server. This release is a chance to get your hands on the new features coming in vNext. Also released today is Service Pack 1 for SQL Server 2008 R2, which as usual wraps up all the cumulative update and customer feedback issues into one package.
  • Small Basic 1.0 is here! – The Small Basic Team announce their v1.0 release, a minor update to the 0.95 release with support for Icelandic added, as sell as some setup and editorial changes.
  • Announcing the Microsoft Surface 2.0 SDK Release – Pete Brown highlights the release of the Microsoft Surface 2.0 SDK which replaces the Surface Toolkit for Windows Touch beta. This release contains a suite of controls templates and access to Surface APIs and uses .NET 4 WPF4 and XNA 4 technologies.


  • Patterns of Compositional Architecture: DSLs – Registries & Patterns of Compositional Architecture: DSLs – Conventions – Josh Arnold presses on with his series looking at the pattern that support Compositional Architectures with further exploration of Domain Specific Languages with discussion of Registries which provide access into a DSL and the use of Conventions to apply changes to your model using the DSL.
  • hOOt – full text search engine – Mehdi Gholam discusses the creation of hOOt a full text search engine (much like Lucene). This CodeProject article discusses the project, looks at some of the implementation details and show how you can use it in your applications. Full source and sample application are available to download.
  • Debugging Web Workers in IE10 – Jonathan Carter and Gaurav Seth discuss the Web Worker functionality of Internet Explorer 10 Preview and look at how you can debug the code you are running this way using the Internet Explorer F12 tools.
  • What curious property does this string have? – Eric Lippert sets a puzzle involving the "Yi script". Full answer will follow in a future post, and there are some hints in the first couple of comments (along with some correct answers further down)
  • Sharing Assemblies between Silverlight and .NET – Christian Nagel discusses assembly sharing between Silverlight and .NET and some of the issues you run into if attempting to reference Silverlight Class Libraries as project references in your WPF projects, showing how the Portable Library Tools make this possible.
  • Parallel for loop in C# 4.0 – Jalpesh P. Vadgama takes a back to basics look at how simple the Parallel programming functionality in .NET 4 makes taking a for loop and converting it into a parallel operation.
  • .NET Gadgeteer – Lee Stott highlights the .NET Gadgeteer project from Microsoft Research, a rapid prototyping platform and teaching tool for small electronic devices which uses the .NET Micro Framework.


  • NEBytes and SUGUK July 2011 – SharePoint Performance on Broadway – The NEBytes .NET usergroup have teamed up with the Silverlight Usergroup for a joint session on Wednesday 20th July in Newcastle Upon Tyne where Simon Tyler will present on Sharepoint best practices and Andrew Westgarth will present on streaming video both live and on demand using IIS Media Services 4