• Autofac 2.5 Released – Nicholas Blumhardt announces the release of AutoFac 2.5. This release brings support for Windows Phone 7 to the main project, fixes a number of reported issues, whilst maintaining compatibility with code written against version 2.4
  • Exploring a Multicore OS: BarrelFish, a FREE OS From Microsoft! – Sam Stokes highlights a joint project between ETH Zurich in Switzerland, and Microsoft Research which is producing an operating system based around multicore and many core processors. The OS is MIT licensed and available for download, along with research papers on the project.


  • Patterns of Compositional Architecture – Josh Arnold kicks off a series of posts looking at Compositional Architecture, exploring how this principle underpins projects like the Fubu family, outlining the core patterns of these practices.
  • Project Templates and preinstalled NuGet packages – Marcin Doboz discusses some of the plans for improving the support for Project templates with pre-installed NuGet packages in the next NuGet release (1.5), walking through the process of creating project templates which include NuGet Packages pre-installed
  • Creating a NuGet Package for LINQ to Twitter – Joe Mayo gives a nice step by step walk through of building a NuGet package for his LINQ to Twitter project, discussing some of the decisions made and running through the process of laying out and building the package.
  • Single Action per Controller in ASP.NET MVC – Jak Charlton discusses the practice of having a single action per controller, and shows how you can implement your own controller factory to make this convention work with a Windsor container providing the controllers.
  • FubuMVC: Authorization – Rex Morgan takes a look at implementing your own rules for authorisation in FubuMVC, discussing defining the convention, creating the policy to implement this convention and consume this using Fubu.
  • Tail calls in F# – Keith Battocchi explores how tail calls work in the F# language, explaining the background to tail calls, using them in your code, and looks at the underlying implementation of them at the IL level, and discusses some of the limitations of tail calls.
  • What is a Closure? – Mike Hadlow gives a short and straightforward description and definition of Closure in C#, illustrating with an example.
  • Bringing AOP to MEF – Sacha Barber takes a look at combining Aspect Oriented Programming techniques with the composition offered by the Managed Extensibillity Framework, giving an overview of the concepts of AOP and MEF and sharing the glue that you can use to tie them together.
  • Internet Explorer 9 Developer Tools Deep Dive – Part 5: Network Performance and Debugging – Chris Bowen wraps up his series on the F12 Developer tools in Internet Explorer 9, exploring their use when debugging network level performance


  • SQLSoton User Group – August 2011 – The SQLSoton group welcome Neil Hambly and John Martin for a session on SQL Server, the DBA and Compliance on the evening of Wednesday 10th August 2011 at St Andrews Halls in Southampton.