• Announcing the Windows Azure AppFabric June CTP! – The Windows Azure AppFabric team announce the release of the June CTP release of the Windows Azure AppFabric. This release aims to make multi-tier application building and managing easier and contains the AppFabric Developer Tools, AppFabric Application Manager, support for compositional applications, support for Windows Work Flow and WCF.
  • Chutzpah – Chutzpah – A JavaScript Test Runner Released – Matthew Manela announces the release of Chutzpah, a JavaScript test runner for Visual Studio. The tool is both a Visual Studio Extension and a command line tool allowing you to run your JavaScript tests from the IDE and build server
  • Announcing datajs version 0.0.4 – Marcelo Lopez Ruiz, of the WCF Data Services Team, announces the release of datajs 0.0.4. This release adds support for the Reactive Extensions for JavaScript, along with extended metadata, improved cache filtering and a number of performance improvements. The next planned release is the v1.0.0 release, so this is effectivly the final CTP release.
  • New dotPeek Early Build + Pioneering dotPeek Plug-ins – The JetBrains team announce an updated Early Access Program build of dotPeek, their .NET disassembler. The team also highlight two plugins for the tool from the community which extend the functionality of the tool.
  • ReSharper 6.0 Beta 3 – The JetBrains team also announce their 3rd beta release of ReSharper 6 which addresses feedback from previous betas, offering improved memory footprint, improved performance across the new JavaScript and Razor support, along with a number of other fixes.


  • Using Syntax to Model the Domain | Girl Writes Code – Sharon Cichelli discusses how the syntax of your domain model can help bridge the gap to the actual business domain, looking at some examples of how using syntax and Semantics and help you build better domain models.
  • Performance Testing Quick Reference Guide – Bryan Group the Performance Testing Quick Reference Guide version 3.5. This ‘e-book’ contains 241 articles (of which 51 are new or updated) which discuss all aspects of performance testing in Visual Studio 2010.
  • Using NuGet for Application Plug-Ins & NuGet with MEF – Matt Hamilton takes a look at programmatically using NuGet to pull in packages which are actually extensions for your application, and explores the use of MEF to have these extensions dynamically loaded into your application.
  • 35+ Use Cases for Choosing Your Next NoSQL Database – Todd Hoff continues looking at the best choices for NoSql Database use, exploring the various types available and the use cases they best support
  • Securing .NET Release Build – Slava Gomzin discusses the securing of your built assemblies to give customer trus in your application, exploring strong naming, digitally signing and obfuscation
  • Trying out jQuery Mobile on our blog – Christiaan Baes highlights the jQuery Mobile project, and takes a look at using it to create a nice mobile experience for the LessThanDot blogs
  • Rendering JQuery Templates With Backbone Views – Derick Bailey continues his series exploring the Backbone.js library, taking a look at combining Backbone with jQuery templates in this post. Full source for all the examples in his series are available to download.


  • Mind Control Your Computer In C# – Guy Smith-Ferrier highlights his new talk which he will be delivering at VBUG Bristol on Wednesday 22nd June, and Fest#11 on Friday 1st July. This session takes a look at controlling your application using the power of your mind (and a neuroheadset) – sounds fascinating