I had an absolutely fantastic weekend at Developer Developer Developer South West 3 this weekend – once again the team put on an excellent and well attended conference. My thanks to the organisers, those who attended my NuGet session, and all the other attendees who all contributed to making it a great weekend. I will be putting together a blog post this week covering all the things in my talk (and the bits I had to skip over), and will gather together links to the conference related posts in a later edition of The Brew.



  • Eduasync part 10: CTP bug – don’t combine multiple awaits in one statement… – Jon Skeet continues his Eduasync series of posts looking at recreating the async functionality from the CTP from first principles. In this post Jon takes a look at a bug in the CTP release which affects the use of multiple nested awaits, and uses it as an opportunity to look at some of the potential difficulties of implementing async.
  • A Quick Follow-up on Model Binding in FubuCore, Convention over lots of code & Cool stuff in FubuCore No. 9: Stringification – Chad Myers continues adding to his FubuCore series of posts with a follow up on his model binding post, giving some better descriptions of some of the parts of the model brinding functionality, before moving on to another post discussing the principle of Convention over Code, and sharing part 9 of the FubuCore series looking at the tooling it provides for converting objects and entities into string representations.
  • Convention Based Filters – John Teague also joins the discussion on Convention over Code with a look at how he implemented conventions in his current project to simplify the code.
  • CLAP: Command-Line Auto Parser- Part 2 – Adrian Aisemberg shares the second part of his look at his CLAP command line parser library exploring some of the more complex features including Global Switches, Name Overrides, Global Argument Handlers, validation and much more.
  • www.primordialcode.com – NHibernate.Envers – Querying – part 1 – Giorgetti Alessandro follows up from his introductory post on NHibernate.Envers starting a series of posts with this part looking at the querying of versioned entities, exploring the use of the IAuditReader interface implementation to read back versioned data.
  • Effective Tests: Custom Assertions – Derek Greer continues his series on Effective Tests with a look at the use of Custom Assertions in your tests to reduce the complexity of assertation code in tests by extracting them into a custom assertion
  • SELECT 101 FAQs FROM SQL Server Community INSERT INTO Free eBook (185 pages, PDF) – Greg Duncan highlights a free e-book from the SQL Server Forum Support Team. The e-book, constructed from 101 of the frequently asked questions from the forums, runs to 185 pages of information covering Database Administration, SQL Server Analysis Services, Integration Services and Reporting Services.
  • C# use Zip archives without external libraries – D. Christian Ohle takes a look at the use of the System.IO.Packaging ZipPackage class which is a part of the core framework and allows you to create .ZIP archives in a particular way. This functionality underpins the format used for Office ‘x’ format files (docx, xlsx, etc) and is also the format used for NuGet packages.
  • Working With Prism 4.0 (Hello World Sample with MVVM) – Abhishek Sur takes a look at how the Prism 4.0 library, combined with Unity and the MVVM style of working in WPF enables the construction of modular applications in this introductory example based post.
  • Scott Guthrie Reports Some Windows Azure Customers Are Storing 25 to 50 Petabytes of Data – Roger Jennings highlights some of the headline figures about real world Azure Customer storage use revealed in Scott Guthrie’s NDC Keynote. Sounds like there are some customers who are really taking to the cloud in a big way.


  • Upcoming NEBytes event: Asymptotics and Algorithms with Gary Short – Rachel Collier highlights the NEBytes Online event to be held on Wednesday 15th June between 7:00 and 8:30pm where Gary Short will be delivering a his session on Asymptotics and Algorithms. The event is running over live meeting, and registration is required to get the access link.
  • Secrets of a .NET Ninja – The DevEvening Usergroup running out of Woking welcome ‘Friend of the Brew’ Chris Eargle for two sessions on the evening of Wednesday 29th June, kicking off at 6:30pm. Chris will be discussing Declarative Refactoring, and sharing some of the ‘Secrets of a .NET Ninja’
  • DDD South West 3 Sticker Photo Competition – Win a Kinect – Guy Smith-Ferrier reminds the attendees of DDD South West 3, held this weekend passed, that the DDD related fun can continue with their DDDSW sticker Competition where you stand the chance to win a Kinect.