• Assembly lists for dotPeek! – Matt discusses the JetBrains entry to the Reflector market, dotPeek, highlighting its ReSharper like features, and announces the release of his first plugin for dotPeek which brings Assembly list functionality to the tool.
  • Windows Azure SDK for PHP features Open Source Libraries – US ISV Evangelism – Site Home – MSDN Blogs – Bruce D. Kyle highlights the release of the Windows Azure SDK for PHP version 3.0. This open source SDK brings easy access to Windows Azure features from PHP code, and is accompanied with a sample kit of sample code which illustrate the use of the SDKs various features.
  • CacheAdapter–Now a Nuget package – ‘Galv’ announces the release of a NuGet package for his Cache abstraction layer which allows you to program against a common interface for caching functionality and plug in the back end cache you desire (ASP.NET Cache, App Fabric or System.Runtime.Caching)


  • Atomicity, volatility and immutability are different, part two – Eric Lippert continues looking at the differences between Atomicity, volatility and immutability, focusing on the strange behaviour of readonly fields in structs which can give unexpected results even when only calling from a single thread.
  • Effective Tests: Auto-mocking Containers – Derek Greer continues his Effective Tests series with a look at the use of Auto Mocking Containers as an easy way of working with test doubles reducing the coupling of tests
  • What ASP.NET MVC Could Learn From Rails – Justin Etheredge has been looking at the other side of the MVC fence, exploring Ruby on Rails, and in this post feeds back some of the good things from the Rail platform which he would like to see brought into ASP.NET MVC. Be sure to check out the discussion in the comments of this one.
  • Code Review: CoffeeScript – Alex Young takes a look at the parser implementation in the CoffeeScript Compiler, looking at the use of the Jison JavaScript Parser Generator.
  • Windows Phone Mango – What’s New? ("Profiler" – Part 9 of 8) – Alex Golesh adds an additional post to his series on the new features of Windows Phone Mango, highlighting the ability to profile your Windows Phone Silverlight Applications
  • Cool stuff in FubuCore No. 2: Extension Methods – Chad Myers continues his series focusing on some of the really useful extension methods which make up the FubuCore library. This post details a vast array of different extension methods ranging from string extensions, to helpers for null checking.
  • A Simple Windows Forms Template for F# & A Simple Windows Service Template for F# – Don Syme highlights two new F# project templates, one for WinForms applications, the other for Windows Service applications, both created by Carl Nolan
  • Cohesion and Controller Ontology – Derek Greer follows on from his recent article on Single Action Controllers in ASP.NET MVC discussing how the principles of Cohesion, Role Stereotypes and the Single Responsibility Principle support this design decision.
  • Creating your own private NuGet feed: MyGet – Maarten Balliauw announces the launch of his cloud based ‘NuGet-as-a-Service’ service, MyGet, developed with Xavier Decoster. MyGet offers you a simple way of getting your own fully featured NuGet server up and running in the cloud. The code for this service is also Open Sourced on CodePlex, so you can explore it and contribute to it.