• Happy 20th Birthday Visual Basic! – The Visual Basic Team celebrates the 20th birthday of Visual Basic, first publically announced on 20th May 1991. I, and I suspect may of you, did my first commercial development on Visual Basic back in the pre-.NET era and thoroughly enjoyed it, so join me in wishing VB a very happy birthday.
  • The Big Event is just a week away – Whilst we are doing celebrations in the Software section, many congratulations to Ayende on his Wedding this week. Someone needs to tell him that people usually give the couple presents, and not the other way round has he has decided to offer a 29% discount on the Hibernating Rhinos profiler range until the end of the month.
  • Introducing Debugger Canvas – Kael Rowan shares a video of the Debugger Canvas Power Tool, due to be released next month which brings something of the Code Bubbles development experience to Visual Studio 2010 Debugging