• dotPeek – Free .NET Decompiler is Available for Early Access – JetBrains announce the availability of the Early Access Preview of dotPeek, their entry into the .NET Decompiler marketplace. dotPeek features support for .NET Assemblies from 1.0-4.0, decompiling to C#, and has a similar user experience keyboard short cuts, etc) to ReSharper. As always with Early Access Previews the team are interested in your feedback to help improve the product.
  • Silverlight Integration Pack for Microsoft Enterprise Library 5.0 released! – Grigori Melnik announces the release of the Silverlight Integration Pack for Enterprise Library 5.0 from the Patterns and Practices team. This release includes Caching, Validation, Logging, Exception Handling, Unity and Policy Injection Application Blocks for Silverlight. Also released is an optional update for the Enterprise Library 5.0 which updates a number of application blocks.
  • And now… Raccoon Blog – Ayende announces Raccoon Blog, a full featured blogging engine built to his own requirements which runs on top of RavenDB and ASP.NET MVC3. Full Source is available on GitHub, and will doubtless serve as a good example application for users wanting to get into RavenDB.


  • New NuGet Documentation Site – Phill Haack discusses the importance of good documentation for an open source project, highlighting some of the key features of such documentation, and highlights the NuGet documentation project, urging you to get involved.
  • Writing an IIS 7.5 Auto Start Provider – Mohamed M Malek discusses the IIS7.5 Auto Start Provider, looking at a custom implementation, and explores how you can configure its use in code.
  • NuGet for the Win! – Grigori Melnik discusses how the Patterns and Practices team are now using NuGet as the primary shipping method to make it easier to install the various Enterprise Library features, ensuring you have only the dependencies you require.
  • IDisposable, and resource leaks: It could happen – Bill Wagner responds to a reader’s question on the use of ‘using’ statements and the IDisposable Interface, discussing the correct and safest ways of working with IDisposable objects.
  • Tinyweb Series: 3 Dependency Injection & Filters – Martin Rue presses on with his introduction series on his TinyWeb framework, exploring his use of StructureMap to provide dependency injection into handlers and filters.
  • How to replace default interface property implementation expansion with automatic properties – Daniel Cazzulino takes a look at how you can customise the templates for the auto creation of properties in Visual Studio to allow you to have it generate auto properties. These principles apply to the templates for other expansions, allowing you to customise and improve your development experience.
  • IE Pinned Sites Part 9: Patterns to make your pinned site code play nice in all browsers – Jennifer Marsman continues this series on Pinned Internet Explorer Sites with a look at making the JavaScript required for integration with the Windows Environment behave well when the site is viewed in other browsers.
  • Michael’s "Mega Collection of Silverlight 5 Beta" Demos – Michael Crump shares a collection of demonstration projects exploring the various new features of the beta release of Silverlight 5, and highlights a few other articles and a presentation recording on Silverlight 5 Beta.
  • Last Chance for Spring Cleaning – Get Your App Featured – Mike Ormond highlights a great opportunity to get your Windows Phone 7 application some additional publicity by having it featured on the MarketPlace in May and June. In order to qualify you must have a new or significantly updated application published to the MarketPlace before the 15th of the month, and let the AppHub team know about it.


  • Meetings – "The Scaling Habits of ASP.NET Applications" with Richard Campbell – The .NET Developer Network welcome Richard Campbell for a session on the scaling of web applications powered by ASP.NET on Monday 13th June at the University of West England, near Bristol.
  • Windows Phone 7 Wednesdays by Telerik – Evan Hutnick highlights a series of virtual webcast events from Telerik presented by Telerik Developer Evangelists, Microsoft MVPs, and other experts which will be focusing on the Windows Phone 7 platform. The events are weekly beginning next week, taking place at 11am EST
  • Announcing Pablo’s Fiesta 2011!!!!! – Joe Ocampo announces the opening of registrations for the Pablo Fiesta Open Spaces conference, organised by the Los Techies which focuses on Software Quality and craftsmanship. The event takes place over the weekend of 30th Sept, 1st & 2nd October (Friday – Sunday) in Austin, Texas. Registration is a very reasonable $15.
  • Windows Phone 7 Unleashed Hackathon – Blogus Maximus highlights a Pre-TechEd Windows Phone 7 Hackathon event in Atlanta. This all day event, running on Monday 16th May, is open to everyone (not just TechEd attendees) and there are 300 places available.