• Microsoft Visual Studio LightSwitch Beta 2 – Wes Yanaga highlights the release of the second beta of Visual Studio LightSwitch which has been available for MSDN subscribers since yesterday and will be generally available today.
  • VsVim Update Released (Version 0.9.5) – Jared Parsons announces version 0.9.5 of VsVim, a Vim emulation layer for Visual Studio. This update contains fixes to undo / redo functionality, caret positioning fixes, tab fixes, and numerous other minor fixes.
  • xunitcontrib-silverlight 0.2 – Windows Phone 7 support – Matt Ellis announces the second version of the xunitcontrib-silverlight package which enables running xunit unit tests on the Windows Phone 7 platform with the inclusion of a WP7 compatible provider for the Silverlight Unit Testing Framework.
  • Inflector for .NET – Scott Kirkland shares a port of the Ruby on Rails Inflector library which provides helpers for pluralisation / singularisation, etc
  • Time Period Library for .NET – Jani Giannoudis shares a great looking library for working with time periods in .NET, providing structure and operations for working with start/end dates and durations.


  • Secret Ninja Cucumber Scrolls: new version – Gojko Adzic announces an updated edition of his e-book on the use of Cucumber with BDD techniques. This updated edition has had a reorganisation of the content and updated introduction.
  • Foundations of Programming 2 – Appendix A – jQuery Basics – Karl Seguin shares the first appendix of the second edition of his Foundations of Programming e-book. This appendix takes a look at jQuery, giving a nice overview of what jQuery is all about an introduction to working with jQuery.
  • 7000 Concurrent Connections With Asynchronous WCF – Mike Hadlow discusses how you can make your WCF services behave in an Asynchronous manner, allowing you to process many concurrent requests using a minimal number of threads when your service work depends on external processes / services and blocks for those operations.
  • Anatomy of a .NET Assembly – PE Headers – Simon Cooper starts a series of posts exploring what actually is inside your .NET assemblies, taking a look at the Portable Executable (PE) Header content, and explaining what is stored in there.
  • CQRS: Event Sourcing and Immutable Data – Jonathan Oliver discusses a number of advantages to having a system which uses an Immutable Event Sourcing / Message passing architecture, discussing concurrency, performance and caching
  • NuGet Package of the Week #2 – MvcMailer sends mails with ASP.NET MVC Razor Views and Scaffolding – Scott Hanselman posts the second in his series on great NuGet packages, exploring the MvcMailer library / package which allows you to easily send custom emails rendered using the MVC view engine, making customisation of messages trivial.
  • Asynchrony in C# 5 (Part II) – Javier Arguello shares the second part of a series of posts looking at Asynchronous programming in .NET, taking a look at using the Task Parallel Library Data Flow library to process data asynchronously.
  • How to implement the IAsyncResult design pattern – Niko Schuessler takes a look at the IAsyncResult design pattern, sharing an implementation of the pattern, showing some of the complexity of implementing this pattern.
  • ASP.NET WF4 / WCF and Async Calls – Ron Jacobs is also exploring Asynchrony, looking at how you can enable it for WCF and WWF based services
  • March MSDN magazine out now – Rachel Collier highlights this month’s MSDN Magazine who’s theme is Process and Data Integration
  • How to Get Started with HTML 5 – Bruce Kyle shares a nice collection of resources to help you get up to speed with working with HTML5 (and its support in IE9), including a range of tutorial posts and demo applications.
  • HTML5 Samples – Lutz Roeder has also shared 3 sample applications utilising the HTML 5 Canvas feature. Textor, a text editor with syntax highlighting, Netron a graphs structure editor and Digger a JavaScript based game.
  • IE9 – Debugging a Canvas Game – Eric Lawrance discusses debugging some performance related problems with a Canvas based game in Internet Explorer 9
  • Scaling A JavaScript Codebase – David Yeung shares a number of tips for making sure that your increasingly complex JavaScript code is well structured, composable and testable.
  • 5 Ways That Postsharp Can SOLIDify Your Code: Authorization – Matthew Groves continues his series of posts looking at how AOP techniques using PostSharp can help to make your code obey the SOLID Principles, exploring the use of AOP for authorisation


  • Facebook Chat on IE9 – Jennifer Marsman – Jennifer Marsman, a Principal Developer Evangelist at Microsoft will be holding her first FaceBook based live chat event today (Thursday 17th) at 2:30-3:30pm Eastern where she will be discussing the use of Internet Explorer 9’s new features in you websites
  • NxtGenUG – The Razor’s Edge – NxtGen Birmingham welcome Andy Gibson down from Scotland for a session on ASP.NET MVC 3 and the Ravor View Engine on the evening of Tuesday 17th May.
  • With WPF and Silverlight against cancer – Laurent Bugnion highlights a charity auction being held by Gregor Biswanger who got a DVD with content about WPF4 and Silverlight 4 signed by some of the key people in the Silverlight and WPF space at the recent MVP summit. All funds raised by the auction go to the German League against Cancer (Deutsche Krebshilfe).