• Autofac 2.4.5 Release – Nicholas Blumhardt announces the release of AutoFac 2.4.5, a bugfix release of this Inversion of Control (IoC) Container for .NET. This release addresses know bugs, and improves on the exception reporting, along with making other improvements to the API.
  • Coding envy? Pex4fun on your WP7 phone – Jonathan "Peli" de Halleux announces the release of the Pex4Fun Windows Phone 7 application. Now you can write C# with auto-complete and background compilation to solve Pex related problems.
  • AppFabric WCF Service Template (C#) – Ron Jacobs announces the release of the AppFabirc WCF Service Template, a template which combines the WCF and AppFabric technologies which provides integration with the AppFabric infrastructure to monitor requests to the WCF Service, an improved logging / tracing with Event Tracing for Windows (ETW) events being logged to AppFabric Monitoring.


  • Proposed Workaround for Assembly Signing Issue with VS2010 SP1 – Amit of the Visual C++ Team discusses a breaking change introduced in the Visual Studio 2010 SP1 release which affects the signing of assemblies for Visual C++ Projects, and in this post outlines a proposed workaround for these issues.
  • My FubuMVC, StructureMap, and StoryTeller Plans – Jeremy Miller gives an update on his three major Open Source Projects discussing his current focus on getting FubuMVC to a V1.0 project, followed by a maintenance release of StructureMap 2.6, followed by version 3
  • Using Query Classes With NHibernate – Liam McLennan discusses the use of Query Classes with NHibernate to encapsulate the various queries you need to run against your data model, and looks at implementing this approach with support from an Extension Method on the NHibernate Session to run the queries.
  • Asynchrony in C# 5 (Part I) – Javier Arguello kicks off a series of posts looking at the Async CTP which gives a glimpse at the features intended for C#5. In this first part Javier explores the concept of async functions which return Task<T> and make use of the new await / async keywords. Javier also has a post exploring How to make WCF work with Async CTP by way of a simple extension method to add the async task support to service calls.
  • Async Samples 3 – Bill Wagner is also in the midst of a series of posts looking at various samples against th Async CTP. In this 3rd post in the series Bill explores the concepts of cancellation and looks at the implementation using Cancellation tokens
  • MEF with ASP.NET – "Hello World!" – CodeProject – ‘mgkr’ gives an introduction to the use of the Managed Extensibility Framework with ASP.NET applications showing how it can be utilised ro implement a ‘hello world’ example in this CodeProject article.
  • You need testers because… – Bj Rollison discusses why you really do need dedicated testers to help uncover bugs that developers typically won’t find in their code and using Unit tests.


  • A million [visits] in review… – Greg’s Cool [Insert Clever Name] of the Day – Many congratulations to Greg Duncan on reaching his Two-millionth visit on his blog ‘Greg’s Cool [Insert Clever Name] of the Day’. Greg is a fellow link blogger (of sorts) who has featured regularly in The Morning Brew for his excelent ability to sniff out great content and add value beyond just a link to another article.
  • NxtGenUG – Touch or stretch me – Win 7 WP – Guy Smith-Ferrier takes his session on Multi-Touch programming for Windows 7 on the road, visiting the Hereford NxtGenUG usergroup on Monday 9th May. In this session Guy will explore Multi-touch programming using WPF4.