• ILSpy – Development of a free replacement for Reflector now that it is becoming paid software are underway, and the ILSpy project are well underway with releasing their latest binary, and already its looking like a good replacement in your free toolbox.
  • ReSharper 6 Bundles Decompiler, Free Standalone Tool to Follow – JetBrains also enter the market with a replacement for Reflector, initially as a feature which will be included in ReSharper 6, with a standalone (and free) edition coming in the near future
  • Introducing the February 2011 Silverlight for Windows Phone Toolkit – Jeff Wilcox highlights the February 2011 release of the Silverlight for Windows Phone Toolkit, available on CodePlex now. This library contains a collection of controls for use in your applications including a new Tilt Effect and PerformanceProgressBar, along with performance improvements and more general improvements across the library.