Update: There was a problem with the link for Derick Bailey’s post on ‘Asynchronous Control Updates’ – this link should now be working – thanks to @cyberzeddk for letting me know via Twitter (I’m @calcock if anyone wants to message me)


  • jQuery 1.5 RC 1 Released – The jQuery team announce the first release candidate release of jQuery 1.5. As is usual with a RC release, this will be the final product unless major issues are found, and will officially ship on 31st January.
  • JQuery UI 1.8.9 has been released – Aamir Hasan highlights the release of jQuery UI 1.8.9, a minor update which includes localisation updates to support date pickers in Algerian Arabic, Australian and New Zealand localizations, along with bug fixes to other controls.
  • WP7 Contrib – we made it! – Richard Griffin announces WP7 Contrib, a library of components and pattern implementations which help you to construct Windows Phone Applications. The library contains solutions for caching, messaging, working with phone services, and UI controls.
  • FreeImage 3.15 out today‚Ķ – Greg Duncan highlights the release of FreeImage 3.15, an opensource library for working with all kinds of image formats ranging from PSD to JPEG. The library is implemented in C, and can be consumed from C, C++, C#, Delphi, Java, along with a variety of scripting languages. Sample code is provided for working with it in C#, along with a 129 page manual.


  • The jQuery ‘live(…) Function – Steve Wellens looks at one of the more funky jQuery functions. ‘live’ provides a way of working with all elements of a particular selector, whether they exist at the time the method runs, or are created later on. Steve also takes a look at the JavaScript Identity Equality operator in this post.
  • Entity Framework 4 Refcard – Dane Morgridge highlights the release of the Dzone quick Reference card on Entity Framework 4 which he was involved in the creation of.
  • Using System.IO.Packaging to ZIP your files – Gal Ratner takes a look at using the System.IO.Packaging name space, which is built into the framework, to create ZIP files, sharing a comprehensive code sample which illustrates its use.
  • Spot the defect: Bad comparisons, part two – Eric Lippert continues his look at bugs that can be introduced by the use of bad comparison logic, looking at an example of a custom comparison implementation comparing strings by length.
  • Internals to C# iterators – Abhishek Sur continues this series on the internal implementations of various language features at the IL level, exploring the IL behind the scenes of the iterator implementation in C#
  • Everything you need to know about Locales – David Thielen talks about the background and theory of Locales in this Code Project article.
  • Exploring Windows Locales and .NET Cultures – Mike Hedley also explores locales (articles on this subject must be like buses – wait an age for one and then 2 good ones come along at once), looking at System and user locales, along with the .NET Culture implementation.
  • Adding Rails like Flash Message in ASP.NET MVC – Kazi Manzur Rashid looks at and shares an implementation of the Rails ‘Flash Message’ notification mechanism that you can use in easily in your ASP.NET MVC applications.
  • Asynchronous Control Updates In C#/.NET/WinFormsUpdate: Link fixed – Derick Bailey shares a useful extension method for anyone working with Windows Forms applications which provides a simple means of marshalling control method calls onto the UI thread.