• Silverlight service release today – 4.0.51204 – Tim Heuer highlights the release of an update to Silverlight 4 which addresses two customer reported issues where there was no workaround possible, addressing issues with diacritical marks in textbox on the Mac Silverlight player, an an issue with updates for Silverlight OOB applications when certificates expire.


  • ASP.NET MVC 3: Razor’s @: and <;ext> syntax &
  • ASP.NET MVC 3: Implicit and Explicit code nuggets with Razor – Scott Guthrie continues his series of posts looking at some of the new features in ASP.NET MVC3, taking a look at two new pieces of syntax for rendering out text content, and discusses the support for code nuggets in Razor allowing you to perform a variety of expressions in your templates.
  • Caliburn.Micro Soup to Nuts Part 7 – All About Conventions – Rob Eisenberg continues his series on his Caliburn.Micro application framework for Silverlight, Windows Phone 7 and WPF, exploring the use of conventions in Caliburn Micro to reduce the boiler plate code required, and discusses how the conventions can be customised
  • RavenDB – StackOverflow style voting with Live Projections – Rob Ashton takes a look at a Stack Overview like question / answer system, looking at how RavenDB and its live projections can provide nice ways of generating the data required for views via a web application in an efficient and computationally cheap way.
  • jQuery Templates – XHTML Validation – Hajan continues this series of posts on jQuery Templates, discussing how the use of templates as illustrated so far can cause XHTML validation errors due to HTML tags in script blocks, and in this post looks at some of the solutions to this problem.
  • Critical Analysis of an Algorithm: Sproc, Embedded SQL, and ORM – Ken Downs follows on from yesterdays article with a look at how a particular problem can be solved using the three different data access methods, showing some of the key differences and requirements between the implementations.
  • Monitoring Memory Usage on Windows Phone 7 – Mike Ormond discusses some of the memory monitoring features of the Windows Phone runtime when you are debugging explaining the meanings of the debugging numbers displayed in the emulator, and looking at how you can access memory use information programatically.
  • Strategies for Improving INotifyPropertyChanged in WPF and Silverlight – Pete Brown takes a look at some alternatives for implementing INotifyPropertyChanged one of the key parts in databinding in WPF and Silverlight, looking at a basic example, showing an alternative using Lambda expressions and reflection, and highlighting another way using IL weaving
  • Rebuilding the PDC 2010 Silverlight Application (Part 5) – Mike Taulty continues with his series on rebuilding his PDC 2010 Session Downloader Silverlight application, discussing the implementation of some quick select buttons to provide a quick way of getting all items of a particular type.
  • Displaying HTML Content in Windows Phone 7 – Mike Ormond discusses some of the complications encountered by early adopter developers on the Windows Phone Platform with the Web Browser control, discussing the solutions his colleagues came up with.