Update: Fixed the attribution for ‘Dynamic Language Integration in a C# World’ – an incorrect copy paste operation incorrectly attributed the article to Marcus Olsson when the correct author was ‘Zenon Ochal’. Thanks to Marcus for pointing it out.


  • Making ASP.NET deployment easy with the Package/Publish Web tool – Rachel Appel discusses the provisions in Visual Studio to assist teams who are responsible for deploying the ASP.NET code they develop, walking through the configuration, build and deploy process.
  • RenderAction with ASP.NET MVC 3 Sessionless Controllers – Keith Dahlby looks at the support fo Sessionless Controllers in ASP.NET MVC 3, looking at how this setting affects the rendering of other controller actions using RenderAction().
  • Javascript: Defining Classes with Closures – Mike Hadlow takes a look at creating classes in JavaScript using Closure syntax based on thing he learnt from Douglas Crockford’s 5 part video presentation series
  • Strategies for becoming a better programmer – Jean-Paul S. Boodhoo shares thoughts on things you can do to become a better developer, ranging from soft skills, through to practising your art.
  • Some NHibernate Best-Practices – Nick Harrison shares a number of best practices for getting the most out of (and avoiding some of the pitfalls of) working with NHibernate for creating business applications.
  • When WinForms met Game Loop – Shawn Hargreaves discusses some of the differences between XNA and WinForms, looking at how the two worlds can be brought together when hosting XNA inside a WindowForms applications, whilst maintaining the good behaviours of each.
  • Announcing the Caliburn.Micro Contest Winners! – Rob Eisenberg shares the results of his Caliburn Micro competition highlighting the winners (and more importantly the location of the code for each), providing a great way to learn more about the framework by looking at others work with it.
  • Subterranean IL: Pseudo custom attributes – Simon Cooper continues his series on the .NET Intermediate Language with a look at how Custom Attributes are applied to your code and compiled into the IL representation.
  • Silverlight 5 features, firestarter keynote and sessions resources – Katrien De Graeve provides a nice summary of the Silverlight 5 announcement, along with links to the various resources from the Silverlight Firestarter event
  • Rebuilding the PDC 2010 Silverlight Application (Part 2) – Mike Taulty continues his step by step rebuild of his Silverlight PDC 2010 Session downloader applications, focusing in this part on the Out of Browser experience.
  • Exception data evolved – Markus Olsson takes a look at the little know Exception.Data collection which provides a way of passing additional Key/Value information along with your exception to help debug exceptions more easily.
  • Dynamic Language Integration in a C# WorldMarkus OlssonZenon Ochal takes a look at interop between the dynamic language world of IronPython and the staticly typed world of C# using the .NET 4 dynamic keyword