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The Morning Brew #737

Posted by on 25 Nov 2010 | Tagged as: .NET, Development, Morning Brew

Happy Thanksgiving to all those celebrating today!


  • StreamInsight LINQPad Driver – The StreamInsight team highlight the support in LinqPad for StreamInsight giving a nice lightweight environment for trying out StreamInsight queries
  • FREE 30-day Azure developer accounts! Hurry! – Brian Loesgen highlights the (US Only sadly) free 30 day trial Windows Azure Accounts, obtainable without having to supply any payment information, and giving you access to multiple Azure instances, storage, 2 SQL Azure databases, AppFabric transactions, and 3GB of in and out data transfer.
  • WebFormContrib – Web Forms more like ASP.NET MVC – Deran Schilling, inspired by MvcContrib, has put together a library which helps make ASP.NET WebForms development a little more like MVC. Full source and binary distributions are available.


  • Is NoSQL for me? I’m just a small fish – Hadi Hariri talks about the applicability of NoSql data stores when you are ‘a small fish’, discussing the benefits that they bring to solving development and post development problems.
  • What is a code review and why is it important? – Jeffrey Palermo and Glenn Burnside discuss the content and importance of Code Reviews in your development process, and discussing their importance in reviewing if the application is staying within the original vision in ongoing projects.
  • Streaming over HTTP with WCF – Glen Block discusses sending large files over WCF via HTTP, pulling together the whole story looking at building a service using streaming, and looking at how this can be combined with ASP.NET MVC 3 RC
  • Moq Sequences Revisited – Phil Haack revisits the topic of mocking successive calls to a method and having it return a sequence of objects, sharing an improved extension method which supports throwing of exceptions.
  • Windows 7 – tasks vs thumbnail buttons – Kate Gregory discusses the uses for the Windows 7 Tasks and thumbnail buttons which appear off the menu for task bar buttons
  • Implementing Undo-Redo with Aspects – Gael Fraiteur takes a look at using Aspect Oriented Programming techniques using PostSharp to implement Undo / Redo functionality on methods using an attribute.
  • Enhanced String Handling – Avi Farah explores parsing and evaluating strings which contain replacement expressions which are evaluated at runtime and included in the strings – a bit like String.Format on steroids.

The Morning Brew #736

Posted by on 24 Nov 2010 | Tagged as: .NET, Development, Morning Brew


  • Updates for Internet Explorer 9 Beta – The Internet Explorer 9 Team announces updates to the Internet Explorer 9 Beta which addresses stability of the beta in general. This update will be distributed via the standard Windows Update process.
  • David Reveman lands GPU acceleration for Moonlight – Miguel de Icaza highlights the completion of the work to add GPU acceleration to the Moonlight, the Mono port of Silverlight. David Reveman has been busy working on bringing hardware acceleration to 3D transforms, surface rendering and pixel shaders, and his changes are now available in the main source tree and daily builds.


The Morning Brew #735

Posted by on 23 Nov 2010 | Tagged as: .NET, Development, Morning Brew


  • MonoDevelop 2.4.1 is out – Miguel de Icaza highlights the latest release of MonoDevelop the Mono Project’s IDE for .NET Development across multiple platforms. This release brings support for .NET 4 projects, improved OS integration with Mac OSX and Windows along with improvements to XBuild project support.
  • 20 Interesting WPF Projects on CodePlex (Some for Silverlight too) – Pete Brown highlights 20 of the best WPF (and Silverlight) projects hosted on CodePlex, breaking them down into various categories (Application Frameworks, Application Templates and Window Management, Controls and Toolkits, UX, Themes and Tools) and giving summaries and an indication of their activity.



  • DDD Windows Phone 7 Event Videos – Mike Ormond highlights the first batch of videos from the Windows Phone 7 day event held in Manchester last month, providing access to the content if you missed the event. Sessions currently available include the event introduction, getting started with the tools, and a session on creating an application using Cortexica’s visual search API. The rest of the sessions will be released shortly.
  • Dynamic Alchemy: Dynamic c# – The Hereford branch of the NxtGenUG welcome Mark Rendle and his talk on Dynanic programming in C#4 to their January meeting to be held on Monday 10th January 2011 kicking off at 7pm.
  • Concurrent programming with F# agents in London – Tomorrow (Wednesday 24th) evening sees the next meeting of F#unctional Londoners, where Phil Trelford will be delivering a session on Behaviour Driven Development with TickSpec, and Tomas Petricek will talk about Writing concurrent applications using agents. The event is hosted at Skills Matter, and starts at 7pm.

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