• Windows Forms Developers: Tell me about your applications – Pete Brown is looking into easing the transition from WinForms to WPF and Silverlight for Developers and their applications, and to that end is looking for your input to help get a picture of the types of applications still being created and maintained in WinForms.
  • Thumbnail Previews in the IDE Navigator – Zain Naboulsi shares a registry change which will bring the previews of files in the ctrl+tab navigation window back to Visual Studio 2010. This feature was disabled in the latest IDE version, but can be easily re-enabled.
  • Three T4 Cheat sheets (General Overview, @Template Details and Examples) – Greg Duncan highlights 3 Cheat Sheets covering aspects of T4 Templates from Robery MacLean. The cheat sheets are provided in PDF format and cover the key concepts in T4 , the @template directive and a set of examples.
  • XDT (web.config) Transforms in non-web projects – Sayed Ibrahim Hashimi looks at using the XDT Web.Config transformations in other project types via the MSBuild task for performing the transform illustrating with an example of using them in a WPF application.
  • WCF How To – Configuration Based Activation – Ron Jacobs talks about the support in WCF and WF in .NET 4 for having service endpoints which do not require .svc files on the file system.
  • ScriptHelper – For MVC and WebForms projects – ‘Glav’ shares a helper library which makes managing the various dependencies of JavaScript libraries and Plugins (for instance the jQuery Validation plugin) and provides a simple way of adding these dependencies to a page in one method call.
  • No More Magic Strings! Presenting: @string.of – Arik Poznanski shares a useful helper method which helps you to eliminate ‘magic’ strings from your code when you are actually refering to something which has a well defined name in your code.
  • Authorization With RoleManager For Claims Aware (WIF) ASP.NET Web Applications – Alik Levin walks through the creation of a basic ASP.NET application which uses the RoleManager for authentication providing Claims Aware Authentication using the Windows Identity Foundation