• Announcing the ASP.NET MVC 3 Release Candidate – Scott Guthrie and Phil Haack announce the release of the ASP.NET MVC 3 Release Candidate, available as a direct download or via the Web Platform Installer. This release brigns the much awaited Intellisense for the Razor View Engine, partial page output caching improved JavaScript and Validation support, along with tooling improvements. This release also comes with the latest CTP of NuGet.
  • NuGet CTP 2 Released! – Phil Haack gives the lowdown on the CTP2 release of NuGet. This new version introduces some changes to the package format specification, and the introduction of OData as the format for the package feed.
  • WebMatrix Beta 3: Now available! – The Microsoft Web Platform Team announce the release of the 3rd Beta release of WebMatrix. This release builds on the key principles that underpin the product to improve the production of simple web applications.
  • November 2010 F# 2.0 Free Tools Update – The F# Team have updated the F#2.0 Free Tools. These tools bring tooling support for F# to Visual Studio 208 and Visual Studio 2010 Shell. This update brings some improvements for users working with Mono or the Windows Phone 7
  • SQL Server v.Next (Denali) : Setup walk-through – Aaron Bertrand discusses the setup of the first public CTP of SQL Server Denali the next major version of SQL Server which was released yesterday at the PASS conference.
  • First look at SQL Server Management Studio Denali – SQLDenis takes a look at the Management Studio interface of the CTP release of SQL Server Denali.
  • SSMS Tools Pack 1.9.3 is out! – Mladen Prajdi? announces an updated version of his SQL Server Management Studio Tools. This extension brings a number of useful features to the Management Studio environment, and this release brings improved history features to the query editor, along with fixing reported bugs.