• RIA Services V1.0 SP1 Beta Released!! – Deepesh Mohnani highlights the release of the RIA Services V1.0 SP1 Beta, a release combined with the WCF RIA Services October release. This SP1 Beta brings the ability to share entities across multiple domain services, support for complex objects, better binding, localisation into 10 languages, and improved templating for client code generation
  • MvcSiteMapProvider 2.2.0 released – Maarten Balliauw releases the latest version of his MvcSiteMapProvider onto CodePlex (soon to be available through NuPack too). This new version introduces Templated HtmlHelpers allowing you to customise the HTML rendered, improvements to the stability of the library, updates to HtmlHelpers to support MvcHtmlString, and some further extensibility points.
  • Announcing Sync Framework 4.0 October 2010 CTP – The Sync Framework Team announce the latest CTP edition of Version 4 of the Sync Framework. This release brings OData to the protocol formats, a new diagnostics dashboard to monitor Sync operations, Client and Server components to aid in implementing the sync, along with a collection of samples showing how the library supports sync to multiple software platforms
  • Windows Azure AppFabric SDK October Release available for download – The Windows Azure AppFabric team release an updated October Release of the Azure AppFabric SDK which resolves problems users experienced with the install rolling back on 64bit Windows.
  • Sueetie Version 2.0 Now Available! – Dave Burke announces a new major version of Sueetie. Sueetie Version 2 brings together a number of open source projects into a cohesive whole community solution, including CMS, Mobile sites, Calendars, Media libraries, forums, all building on best of breed .NET Open Source projects.