• Running Open Source In A Distributed World – Phil Haack discusses distributed Open Source projects, drawing on the wisdom of Karl Fogel’s book ‘Producing Open Source Software – How to Run a Successful Free Software Project’ and discussing the processes to become a core committer on a project, illustrating with the NuPack Project
  • Adopt an Open Source Project – Rob Conery attempts to convince Microsoft (and other large .NET Dependent organisations) to allow their Developer Platform Evangelists to work part time on Open Source Projects
  • All-In-One Code Framework Coding Standards – Sasha Goldshtein highlights the All-In-One Code Framework project’s Coding Standards document – an 80+ page guide to writing code to their standards in C#, C++ and VB.NET written in ‘Framework Design Guidelines’ format (Do / Do not)
  • Caliburn.Micro Soup to Nuts Part 6b – Simple Navigation with Conductors – Rob Eisenberg continues his series of posts on using Caliburn.Micro looking at the use of Conductors for navigation between screens, illustrating with a simple sample of them in use
  • .NET Formatting Reference Sheet – Richard Carr of BlackWasp Software shares a Reference Sheet for the multitude of string format specifiers, showing each with a description and a sample of its output.
  • Dependency Injection for Filters in MVC3 – Javier G. Lozano looks at using the improvements in ASP.NET MVC 3 for Dependency Injection, and how this helps make using Dependency Injection with Filter Attributes much easier.
  • A Simple Wrapper To Make Things More Fluent – John Sonmez continues looking at using wrapping methods with logging (or other cross cutting concerns) and explores creating a fluent-like interface for adding this functionality.
  • When Intel’s Hyper Threading goes bad – Paulo Reichert discusses an instance where having a Hyper-threaded CPU may not make as much difference to your performance as you might thing, looking at what hyper-threading actually means, and how it trick the operating system into running more threads than might be optimal.
  • 7 Freely available E-Books/Guides I found essential for .NET Programmers and Architects – ‘nikosangr’ shares links to 7 really good resources for .NET Developers. I think all of these have been mentioned here before, however all are so good they deserve at least another mention.
    UPDATE: Turns out this link was to a complete copy of another bloggers article. The original (which was included in The Morning Brew previously) can be found here


  • PDC UK – do you fancy a night in with the Microsoft evangelists? – Rachel Collier highlights an event with a difference to be held at Microsoft’s Reading Offices during PDC. On the evening of the 28th and 29th of October you can gather at Microsoft’s Reading HQ to join UK Evangelists to watch live streams of the PDC sessions. Registration is required
  • PDC10 at a university near you. – Phil Cross highlights a similar opportunity for UK Students at a number of Universities around the UK where you can see the Keynotes live, and participate in local Q&A