• Profile your Windows Phone 7 Application for Free – Michael Crump highlights the latest version of Equatec’s Profiler which supports profiling of Windows Phone 7 Applications, with the free version being able to profile single DLL Windows Phone 7 Applications.
  • Stash – GitHub – Andy Hitchman kicks off his own .NET NoSQL Persistence Store Project. Stash is backed on to Berkeley DB, and provides Key/Value storage with indexing capabilities.
  • Sharp Architecture 2.0: How are we going to get there? – Alec Whittington discusses the route the S#arp Architecture team are going to take to developer S#arp Architecture 2.0


  • Caliburn.Micro Soup to Nuts Part 6a – Screens, Conductors and Composition – Rob Eisenberg continues with his series looking at his Caliburn Micro Framework for building applications for WPF, Silverlight and Windows Phone 7 using well known patterns such as MVC, MVVM, MVP, etc. In this part Rob talks about engineering your UI using the Screens, Conductors and composition features.
  • Using RabbitMQ with C# and .NET – Justin Etheredge explores RabbitMQ, looking at its installation on Windows, and investigates the client library which allows your .NET code to connect to the Queue implementation.
  • Writing Windows Shell Extension with .NET Framework 4 (C#, VB.NET) – Part 2 – The All-In-One Code Framework team share the second part of their series on building Windows Shell Extensions using .NET 4, highlighting the sample contained in the All-In-One Code Framework and explaining the key parts of the implementation.
  • Yet Another Debugging Tale – Visual Studio Disappearing – Tatham Oddie shares the debugging steps he took to diagnose a problem with Visual Studio disappearing when using the NuPack package management implementation in the IDE. Its always interesting to see how someone goes about debugging something like this.
  • Get Started with Ninject 2.0 in C# Programming – Xianzhong Zhu shares an introductory article looking at the use of Ninject in C# applications, covering the common Dependency Injection and Inversion of Control functioanlity and theory.
  • Order in Chaos: .NET Collections – Arik Poznanski shares a useful summary of the various collection types available in the .NET 4 Framework, providing a description and a summary of when you might use each of them.
  • Attributes Every .NET Developer Should Know About – Suprotim Agarwal gives a summary of the most common .NET Attributes, many of which you will already be familiar with, but there are a few less common ones in there too. The format is suitable for printing into a useful reference card.
  • The White Windows UI automation getting started tutorial for testers – Klaus Graefensteiner gives a step by step tutorial for working with the White UI Automation Library, combining it with Visual Studio 2010 and UISpy showing how you can write tests to exercise your Win32, WPF and Silverlight applications
  • Integrating sandcastle into build process to generate MSDN style documentation – Ram looks into integrating the SandCastle API Documentation Generation tool into your build process allowing you to generate MSDN style documentation for your Code.
  • Aspect Oriented Programming with Action<> – John Sommez talks about AOP and how it can help deal with cross cutting concerns, and looks at how Action<> can provide a similar means of managing cross cutting concerns.
  • Yet another simplification of Prism’s EventAggregator syntax & Part II – mocking extension methods – Glen Block highlights some code from Ward Bell which provides a nicer way to work with Prism’s Event Aggregator Protocol using Extension Methods to help marshal types for you. Glen also discusses the testability of these extension methods in his second post.
  • Small Basic Curriculum – Alfred Thompson highlights the beta edition of a Small Basic Curriculum for learning the language and key APIs, a great way of introducing people to programming.
  • Visual Studio 2010 Survey – Jason Zander and the Visual Studio 2010 Team are looking for feedback on Visual Studio 2010, and to do so have a short survey which will get your opinions on performance, reliability, and quality. If you’ve been using VS2010, go give them some well deserved feedback
  • Enterprise Library Integration Pack for Silverlight – what do you want to see in it? – Grigori Melnik and the Enterprise Library team are looking for suggestions of what should be in the Enterprise Library Integration Pack for Silverlight, and have a round of public consultation running to November 1st, so if you have any ideas or suggestions get in touch with them


  • DevEvening – Ruby and RavenDB – The DevEvening UserGroup will be meeting at the Bird in Hand Pub in Woking on Wednesday 3rd November for an evening of two talks, one from Andy Pike on Rails Development using Ruby, and Rob Ashton on RavenDB